The Devils Print- Part 2-The Message

The Devils Print- Part 2-The Message

A Chapter by siri

It was Saturday (who cares about the date) and it was my day off so when I looked at the clock when I woke up, I wasn’t surprised to read the digits consisting of 11:37. I savored my days to sleep in and waited till 12:30 to get out of bed. So Saturday is the perfect day to start my story on. It is the first day of many to come when my life changed dramatically.
      I could start with me getting ready. You know…taking a shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast, but I basically already told you, so there is no need to go into detail. Let’s skip forward to my walk in the park.
      Ah, the park. People were so busy relaxing. Kites were being controlled by young kids and their parents. More kids playing in the playground running around without a worry in their minds experiencing everything imagination throws their way. There was a gentleman reading a book. There was even a lady painting, which struck me odd the park was so….how shall I say….well I guess I would call it…boring! Where am I going with this paragraph? That’s right the bum.
      The bum was walking the opposite way I was. He was maybe a total of five minutes away if I calculated the speed he and I were walking towards each other. There was no one walking near him… probably scared of what looked like a bum talking to himself quite insanely. He most definitely did not have a Bluetooth headset in his ear, if that’s what you’re thinking. In fact he probably didn’t even have a cell phone, almost certainly had never even used one. So that concludes he was in fact talking to himself.
I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. Kids, don’t do drugs! You will turn into an insane bum that talks to himself!
At this moment my phone started buzzing in my pocket, and I pulled it out and looked at the caller ID. It was my girlfriend Jennifer. I flip the phone open, bring it to my ear, and speak my greetings, "Hey Jenny."

through the phone I hear her speak, "Hey babe. How's your day off going?"

I reply, " Well, so far so good. As of the moment I'm watching this bum walking towards me talking to himself. It's quite amusing actually."

"Your lucky such little things amuse or you would have killed yourself with boredom already. So when can I see you?" she replied with a hint of humor in her voice. 

So it has been five minutes and right when the bum and I were about to cross paths, two things happened along with a certain thought. The first, I heard some of the stuff the bum said.
      “This guy? Are you sure? He is so…so…well he looks like an a*****e! An a*****e in a suit! …Okay, okay, well you are the boss!” he mumbled. 
      The second, the bum stopped walking and began to follow me.

I speak into my phone some more, " F**k! that bum guy is fallowing me now. Just what I need bullshit for my day off! Hold on a sec okay?

"Yeah alright. You know you might enjoy everything a little more if you didnt let everything annoy you so much."

"Well I make it obvious I'm wearing my f**k off face and he isn't f*****g off!" I reply and then add, "Hold on"
My thought was, this guy better not follow me. Just when you think you’re getting some peace and quiet a bum has to go and ruin it.
      I tell the bum, “I don’t have any money go away!”
That didn’t make a difference, he was still following me.
Then he began to talk to me and this is what he said.
“I don’t need any money. I have something important to tell you. It’s a message.”
Still walking, I replied, “Sorry I don’t do business with bums. Please go away!”
He ignored me and kept walking with me. He kept talking too! This may take awhile. Hopefully it wont but just in case I decide to get off the phone with Jennifer, so I pick up my phone again and say," Hey babe. Yeah I dunno this guy needs to tell me something or some s**t. See bullshit on my day off. I was thinking we could get dinner. Do you want to meet me at The Lounge on first and central at ....say 7?"

"Sure I would love to! Good luck with the dude who has succesfully got you pissed. MUAH." She hangs up and I replace my phone to the pocket that owns it. I turn my head to the bum.
      He talks yet again, “Okay man, I can’t go away just yet. I will leave once you listen to the message I have to tell you.”
This time I stopped walking and for the first time actually looked at the guy. He was in fact the “original” bum. He had some beat up, torn shoes that I am sure would not be considered shoes. He wore some grimy and holey jeans that I suspected used to be blue sometime in their lifetime. Despite the hot weather outside, he wore a huge brown jacket that went to his knees. Again, the jacket covered in dirt to match the rest of his outfit. His face looked like every other bum, full of hair, dirt, and probably a s**t load of bugs living in a place they finally figured out would never disturb them to live their lives. 
      “Okay tell me what you need to tell me,” I said. The sooner I could get rid of this guy, the sooner I can enjoy my day off!
      “He told me to tell you. You are marked. He says you work for him now. He says he will go over the details with you tonight and then you will sign the contract,” telling me his message.
Well at least he had something interesting to say. Though it made no sense at all, I had just one question to his statement or message or whatever he was telling me.
      “And who might HE be?” I asked.
      The answer came fast and short.
      “The Devil,” he said. 
      I could do only one thing, I laughed. “HA HA HA HA HA HA”…wait wait wait… “HA HA HA”…almost done… “HA HA”………… “HA”…okay I’m done.

      The cool thing about stories is I can virtually stop time. Right now is definitely the perfect time to in fact stop my story time and tell you how I was interpreting such nonsense. How would you react to somebody….a bum of all people…who told you this? Oh my god you are marked! OOOO, you work for the devil now. Ha ha, this was the funniest compilation of sentences I have heard in years. But the moment was over and done with and I was ready to move on. So let’s start time back up and continue with the words I used to end the conversation.

      “You are very funny indeed, but if you don’t mind me saying, the fun is over and done with. I would very much appreciate it if I could continue on my way and enjoy this splendid day off of mine. Nice chatting with you and well, have a good life or something. I hope to never see you again or your nonsense. Good day!”
“Tonight just remember tonight!” is all he had to say and continued on his way.

      So now that the bum is finally out of the picture, I suppose I’ll brief you on the rest of my day. It was not too interesting. Actually not much of anything happened. I ran errands until 7, and then I met Jennifer at The Lounge. We sat down at a table I ordered a beer  and some nachos.

I then asked her, "Let's see if your day beats mine on the interesting scale. Go on lets hear it."

She replied, " Nope mine wasn't interesting at all. It was just my normal routine. Get up, go to work, get out of work, now I am eating dinner with my love. There was nothing worth remembering. What has got you all sidetracked?"

Hmmph I look at her. I was jealous. That's all i wanted was boring and normal. I then reply, " It is just that bum..."

Jen interupts me, "...You are still thinking about that bum?" She made me realize this f*****g bum has been running in my mind compulsivly since my encounter with him. She must of saw it in my face, and she added, " Well tell me about him then."

I indulge in the invitation to rant, "It is just what he told me was so wierd. I did not realize I was thinking about it so much till you pointed it out to me."

She knew I wanted more invitation and asked,"What did he say?"

"He said I was marked, and that I have a new employer who i will meet tonight or something. You know who he said this new "boss" of mine will be?"

Jen chuckled  under her breath. This was only amusing her as much as it was to myself earlier. She replied half laugh half speach, "Let me guess you work for God now. You  know I could never see you doing that. I mean you are my angel. You saved me, but who else would let you be their angel. I'm crazy for doing it myself."

"Im trying to be serious Jennifer. Your guess was close though, but it is quite the opposite. He said the Devil..." I replied

Jennifer just laughed and said, "Are you serious? And you are still  thinbking about it? Adam, it was just some stupid crazy bum. What are you so worried about?

"Well he said tonight I would sign a contract with.. you know...The Devil."

"Babe he is just some crazy stupid bum. C'mon nothing will happen."

"Yeah I hope you are right" I said.

The rest of dinner we talked about stuff, but I was sidetracked. She knew I was too. I could tell it annoyed her, so dinner of course ended a little bit earlier than usually expected for one of our dinners. When we were walking out of the restaurant I gave her a kiss could by with the usual I LOVE YOU being thrown back and fourth. I walked her to her car and then headed home.

      You would not believe what I had to deal with when I got home.
When I unlocked the door to my house and stepped inside, there was a surprise waiting for me, if you could consider it a surprise. I did not like it at all.
The damn bum from the park was waiting for me inside my house. What is up with that?

      I made it clear to know I was angry and yelled at him, “Get the f**k out of my house before I beat the s**t out of you!”
“In that case I can’t leave…I need a favor of you.”
Who the hell did this guy think he was breaking into my house and asking for favors?
“No favors…just get the f**k out before I call the cops”
“I don’t think involving the cops is a very good idea not after what you do for or to me,” he said in reply.
All I could do was stare at him. After a minute or so, I guess he figured I wasn’t going to answer and take this crap.

      He then told me. 

                 “You NEED to kill me!”      

© 2010 siri

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I am currently reading your story, siri and I love it. The characters are fascinatingly vivid and so realistic, I am really falling with the flow of your words. Im enjoying your manner of writing, it's suprisingly unique and really quite appealing as a reader. Great Job so far! I cant wait to read more.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Story is getting stronger. I like how the conversation is flowing. The introduction of new characters making the story more interesting. Ending left a opening for a very good next chapter.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Albuquerque, NM

boom boom boom la la la la la hey you! yeah you! Im pointing at you now... ... i guess some part of me is always gonna be pointing at you...or the other person thats reading this...until of cours.. more..

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