The Devils Print- Part 6.2.2-Stalking the Prey-Tuesday

The Devils Print- Part 6.2.2-Stalking the Prey-Tuesday

A Chapter by siri


There was nothing in sight for miles. I was in some sort of dessert. There was not even any cactus crowing. The ground was as hard as rock. I could find no moisture in the ground. If there was no sign of life and no water anywhere  near by, how would I survive? I must be already dead. That was the only explanation I could think of. I just kept walking because I had nothing else to. My confusion only let my basic motor-function skills work. The repetitive motion of walking made me feel like I was moving, getting somewhere, somewhere that would, in time, mean not actually here. While lost in confusion, my next step made the ground crack. The crack slowly started to expand and was leading into what looked like a dark void. At that moment, I realized out of the two choices of where I had to be I wanted to stay on the lifeless dessert. Even though up here I knew I would still die; down there I didn't know anything at all about. So I jumped to one side of the crack. I still didn't really know what to do though, so I just watched everything that was happening. I felt just like a kid and didn't even try to understand what was going on. Then I heard another crack, and I realized the piece of land I was standing on was now falling down. I was on my own personal falling island. I lost track of time, but it felt like I had been falling for hours. Finally, everything lit up to an orangeish red color. Then my perfect falling island fell past the end of the void. The last of the earth kept getting farther and farther above my head and all around me the ground looked like a woven basket made from rock. Through the cracks of the woven rocks I could see about a mile deeper, and there was lava everywhere. I thought there was no moisture in the dessert above, but I was wrong. Down here there was really no water. In fact, it was so dry and hot the water inside my body turned into steam which radiated off my body. Then my perfect falling island stopped falling. I crashed into the woven rock below me. I thought my island would fall right through the ground so I started running getting ready to jump to safety when everything stopped. My island didn't fall through. I was safe. I looked down and there was a skull at my feet. The skull had living eyes in the eye sockets that stared at me. I bent down to take a closer look. The eyes fallowed my eyes. What the f**k was this s**t? I was dead; I had to be. I tried picking up the skull but it was stuck. I pulled harder and I started to pick it up. It was connected to a skeleton, and when I pulled most of the thing out of the ground it erupted into flames. I backed the f**k away at this point. I heard a shrieking laugh ring through my ears. It was a high pitched laugh. I f*****g hated it. I went momentarily blind,and when the laugh stopped I could see again. Standing in front of me was a naked man a tiny bit taller than me. His eyes still stared at me, and while I stared back horns started growing out of his head. This guy must be...
"...You are Lucifer?"
The laugh was back and kept my thoughts to a minimum. The horned person's head twitched and then began to spin so fast the head just looked like a blur. When the laugh stopped the head stopped spinning. There was a green head staring at me. The man now had clothes on. He reminded me of someone out of a circus act. His face freaked me out. He had a smile on his face that started at one ear and ended at the other. He had hundreds of teeth protruding every which way. His mouth opened so wide and with it, that horrible laugh. His mouth was so wide his lower jaw was perpendicular to his top jaw. The laugh stopped, and he stood there smiling and staring.
"Who the f**k are you?" I asked.
Finally I got an answer. The thing sounded fairly human,"I am Loci. The god of tricks. Can't you see? We are walking dreams. We will speak time: past, present, future, and void. Right now everything is not what it seems. Pick your piece and play it right around the corner is out of sight"
His laugh then came and made me blind.

I woke up and looked around to remember where I was. I was in my car parked  a block away from my prey's house. F**k, what time is it? I looked to see if my prey's car was still in the driveway and it was. I calmed down a little as I put the pieces together of what was going on. That dream got my mind all jumbled up. The time was 12:30 in the afternoon. I felt like I pounded a fifth and topped it off with a handful of pain killers. I didn't know dreams could have that affect on you. That was a strange dream that's for sure. I have never heard of the trickster God Loci before. I was never one for mythology though. I decided when I get the chance I will do my research on the God. Time wasn't working out for me at the moment. I thought it was still around 12:30 when Bill got in his SUV and took off. I quickly started my car and took off after him. When I looked at the time it was 4 in the afternoon. Where did time go? Bill was on time. It was me who needed to get his act together. The night turned out even more boring than Monday night. Why? Because it was the same exact night all over again except it was Tuesday. Bill went to his  favorite bar and got drunk and went home. This guy seemed predictable so I went home and slept in my own bed. I couldn't get that dream out of my head, and I knew that was the reason why I was so sidetracked from the world. I would get up early tomorrow. I hope its not the same day all over again.

© 2010 siri

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boom boom boom la la la la la hey you! yeah you! Im pointing at you now... ... i guess some part of me is always gonna be pointing at you...or the other person thats reading this...until of cours.. more..

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