The Devils Print- Part 6- The Other Side

The Devils Print- Part 6- The Other Side

A Chapter by siri

welcome to Jeffrey Brule

It might not be every cop's dream, but for Jeffrey Brule that is exactly what it is. The dream to be a hero,  a somebody; the person that stands out in the community; the person that truly makes it a better place. Jeffrey would love to just walk outside and get those hero greetings. The "Thanks Jeffrey! I really feel safer walking outside now!", and the "Jeffrey! How many did you put away? 7? All in one night? You da man!", and even the "We present this honorary award to a true community hero. Only the best people get this award. This year, we award this great honor to the incredible Jeffrey Brule. Thanks for giving this community all that you could!"
JEFF rey
Jeff rey
"Hey Jeff, buddy. Hello?" Jeffrey's partner was patting him on the back. "You have a long night? Hey wake up!"
Jeffrey realized he was sitting at his desk. He realized there was no crowd chanting his name. He never received  a heroic award, or the salutations of a hero. It was all just a day dream and nothing more. He picked up his head and grunted in response to his partner.
That is all it ever was, just a dream. Cops go out every day and risk their lives. They put the bad people where they belong and keep the streets safe. No one wakes up in the morning thinking about Jeffrey Brule, and what he risks his life for every day. At the end of the day, it is just another day at a regular old job.
"Hey Jeff, snap out of it." Jeff's partner said while snapping his fingers in front his face, "It is slow as f*****g s**t at this place. One night where no one is getting killed. It's a f*****g miracle. Look at you already going to sleep. I know it is only Wednesday, but f**k this s**t lets go get some drinks or something. You look like you could use one."
Jeffrey's partner's name was Gerald Lee, but everyone just called him Lee. Jeff and Lee have been partners going on to 4 years now. They were like brothers; they knew everything about each other except maybe those certain secrets every one keeps secret from the entire world. Those secrets that were all personal to the personal bone. That kind of s**t the world doesn't even care to know, not even the person with the biggest nose in the world.
Jeff looked at Lee dead in his eyes and after a moments hesitation said, "A drink would hit the spot! I like the way you think Mr. Lee"
"Don't f*****g call me mister you make me feel 20 f*****g years older than you. I f*****g hate feeling old." growled Lee,"Alright, well lets get the hell outta this joint. Meet me at First and Growler. You remember that little bar right there on the corner? I'm craving their nachos. F*****g Nachos, best f*****g bar food ever."
"Yeah I know the place. I'll see you there soon." Jeff spat back.
Lee was already making his way out the door as he yelled, "You better f*****g be there and don't poke a*s. You are always slower than f**k. Get there soon and the first round is on me."
Jeff sat there for a good five minutes trying to wake up and put his mind back in working order. Jeff finally shut down his computer and got up to leave the building. He was walking towards the door when he heard a voice.
"Hey," It was his boss, Hector Vernon. Jeff didn't particularly hate his boss, but he didn't particularly like him either. Hector finished his statement, "First, You sleep your whole shift. Wait, wait, wait. You sleep most of your shift, but not all of it because here you are leaving early."
"F**K!" Sighed Jeff, "Okay you caught me. What do I need to do before I can get out of here?"
Hector replied with some humor in his voice, "Well, I need some more coffee. I like it black with two sugars. Oh, the bathrooms also need to be cleaned."
Jeff was annoyed. He looked his boss straight in the eyes and said, "F**k you. How about I'll clean your f*****g bathrooms if you give me grace. You can look at dead bodies for the next week."
Still with a big smile pasted on his face Hector replied, "Chill. I am just kidding. We are slow as s**t I could care less if you leave early. Just clock out okay? I hate it when no one clocks in and out. I have to spend my time doing bullshit math the time clock should be doing for me. Get the f**k outta here."
"Ha Ha," Jeff pretended to laugh. He didn't sound to genuine though, "You are funny Vernon really, really funny. Clock out. got it boss."
Jeff went the opposite way of the door and headed to the electronic machine that read his hand print; the hand print machine reader that told the corporate world of the police department that Jeffrey Brule would now leave the building. Jeff finally got out of his workplace and made his way to the bar with "the best f*****g nachos."

When Jeff walked into the bar, it was fairly busy for being a Wednesday night. Lee was at the bar downing a shot when Jeff patted him on the back.
"Mother f****r! It takes you forever to do everything! Your three f****n drinks behind me brother." Lee spit out. Jeff smelled whiskey. Lee was always the whiskey drinker.
"The boss and all mighty b*****d was pulling my chops. Some s**t about sleeping and leaving early. It was a long wasted conversation it all ended with me having to clock out. I dunno I was half asleep, but that's my excuse!" Jeff said automatically.
"F**k F**k f**k. I forgot to clock out. You know I always forget that s**t. Maybe I should just start working salary instead of hourly. Oh well, I guess I know what I get to hear from the boss first thing in the morning. So what are you gonna have?"
"I'll have a Jack on the rocks."
"Hey Jimmy! Let me have two Jack on the rocks." Lee told the bartender and looked back at Jeff, "Jeffy, buddy, Sit down relax. Take your f*****g jacket off or something. Your making me f*****g nervous." The two gentlemen got their drinks as Jeff sat down to join his partner. Lee paid the bill.
"Jeff how's the family? Here share these nachos with me; The best f****n nachos in town I'm tellin ya."
"Ehh well, you know I can only speak for myself, but things are going good partner. The wife and I still make love 5 or more times a week. The girls are starting to grow up. They make me feel old. I dunno the younger one's going through the "no one understands me" stage. Lot's of black clothes and black make up, you know how it is." Jeff sat there looking at nothing in particular. Lee could tell just by looking in his eyes that Jeff was thinking about how his kids were turning out.
Lee gave a good old Lee remark and said, "Actually I don't know what you mean. I don't like kids; the little b******s get on my nerves. I am only 43 you know, and I still feel like I am 20. I don't like how you keep bringing up the whole getting old thing. How old are your girls now anyways?
"14 and 17. You have heard my life story. It is the same one that you have heard plenty of times before. How are you though? Are you lonely yet? You can't be the party-er forever. Pretty soon you have to chill out and settle down."
"Naw, F**k that s**t; take another shot," Lee replied in his party persona. He bought two more Jacks, "CHEERS f****r," the two men cheered and downed their shots. "Okay you asked me questions huh? Here is the difference between me and you. You f**k that same girl over and over again. I bet you can describe every inch of that woman to me. That doesn't sound like such a bad idea, but we can save that for a different night. I get to f**k DIFFERENT beautiful woman. I don't get bored with the same t*****s and a*s every time I f**k some one. You know what else? I don't like you very much tonight." Lee said this all with that look in his eye. The look that meant he was looking past everything in his line of sight. That look that he was actually looking inside his mind.
Jeff patted his partner on the should breaking his train of thought and said, "It's okay to feel lonely Lee. You can talk to me. Tell me how you feel. That is why I asked brother. Anyways I am getting out of here. I think I will get some ice cream for the kids or something. Lee, thanks for the drinks. Don't get piss drunk and forget about work tomorrow."
"What? You are leaving? F**k you Jeff!"
"I love you too brother."
Jeff got up from his seat and headed towards the door. As he reached the door, He heard a clank of a shot glass hitting the counter. He heard Lee in the background say, "Jimmy! Load it up!"
Poor kid. Jeff thought. After a moments pause, Jeff walked out the door of the bar with "the best f*****g nachos" and headed home to his family.

© 2010 siri

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