On Trust Falls.

On Trust Falls.

A Chapter by Hanakuso

     November 22, 2013
     10:52 A.M.

     Remember when we used to do those trust falls in third grade? I do. Everyone else was doing it, so we thought it would be fun to try it out for ourselves. Complete, utter morons, that's what we were. Oh, sure. It was hilarious but we were both scrawny little kids; we could barely support each other’s weights. After much cursing and trials, we got the hang of it. Barely. It was entertaining… until I asked you to place pillows on the floor. And you got mad. And we fought. And it was never the same after that, wasn’t it? I didn’t regret asking you that. I trusted you. But the bruises on my back stayed.

© 2013 Hanakuso

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Added on November 22, 2013
Last Updated on November 22, 2013




Jan. 21. Female. Asian. Catholic. Nurse. don’t think regret is 20/20. regret is myopic. hope is astigmatic. trust is blind. more..

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