Chapter 5 - The Jump

Chapter 5 - The Jump

A Chapter by Talia M.

Kai is faced with a dangerous choice as he and his friends are seeking safety from the treachery of the Order.


“Guys, are you sure this is a good idea?” asked Jay warily as Griffin started stripping the wires in a car by the side of the road. “Isn’t hot wiring cars illegal?”

Griffin shrugged, his eyes still fixed on his work. “Nah. Hot wiring a car isn’t illegal. Now, stealing a car after you’ve hot wired it, that’s illegal.” He waved his hand dismissively. “But don’t worry, I’ve done this before and never got caught.”

I stood nearby, leaning against a street sign with an ice pack held to my broken ribs. Ailbe had insisted and I couldn’t refuse her. I was beginning to understand why I was dating her. Her glowing personality and unwavering kindness were enough to make me start falling in love with her all over again. I wished I could recall more about our relationship and the times we had spent together.

After a few more minutes of anxious waiting, Griffin sat back and grinned at us as the vehicle rumbled to life. “We’re all set here. So who wants to drive?”

I immediately shook my head. “I probably have a license, but I don't remember anything about driving. Even if I did, I’m in no shape to drive.”

“I’ll drive,” said Ailbe, raising her hand.

“Great!” Griffin climbed between the seats and settled into the back. “Hop in, guys!”

I climbed in the passenger side door, carefully lowering myself onto the smooth, leather seat. Jay reached for the door handle to climb into the back seat, but Griffin held up his hand to stop him, rolling down the window.

“Look, Jay,” Griffin said apologetically. “You've been a big help to my friend Kai here, but you could get killed if you came with us. It's too dangerous.”

Jay stepped back from the car, his face falling and shoulders drooping. “Alright,” he said reluctantly. “Good luck. And don’t get killed, okay?”

“We’ll be fine,” I said, smiling at him reassuringly, although I wasn’t sure if I was trying more to convince him or myself. I didn’t know much about what there was ahead of me in the journey I was about to embark upon, so I really had no idea if we would be fine. But still I smiled, waving to him as we pulled away from the curb, leaving him standing alone and looking forlorn on the sidewalk.

Ailbe managed to find her way onto a highway, with some help from Griffin’s GPS. Once we were on the smooth asphalt of the turnpike, cruising at a steady speed, we drove for nearly half an hour in silence. In the period of quiet, my mind wandered and eventually fixed on the young boy from my dream the night before. I couldn’t quite remember what his face had looked like, but I figured that he was someone from my past. Maybe he was my younger self. Or maybe he was a childhood friend or a family member that I had been very close with. I couldn’t be sure. The short glimpses of memories in my dreams weren’t enough to piece anything together yet.

Finally, Griffin spoke and broke the silence. “So, Kai,” he said, leaning forward between the two front seats. “How is that injury of yours doing?”

“Which one?” I asked, cracking a small smile. “I’ve got lots of ‘em.”

He grinned. “I’m glad to see you didn’t lose your humor along with your memories.” Then he pointed to my side where the stab wound was. “I mean this one. It’s probably the worst of them, yeah?”

I nodded. “That and the broken ribs.”

“I can help, if you want,” he suggested.


“I can use cosmic energy to heal people,” he replied. “I discovered it a few months ago.”

Ailbe looked over at him briefly with wide eyes. “Really? That is so cool!”

He shrugged. “Yeah, it is pretty cool. I can’t do a whole lot at once without passing out, but we’ll see what happens.”

Griffin held up his hand and closed his eyes to concentrate. After a few moments, blue energy speckled with tiny stars began to flicker between his fingers. A few moments more and waves of cosmic energy crackled across the palm of his hand. His eyes still closed, Griffin placed his energized hand across the wound in my side. I felt a jolt of electricity course through my body, causing every muscle to tense up and drawing a cry of pain from my lips. My ribs felt hot as if someone were holding a flame under my skin, and I felt the skin around my wound pinching together as the healing process was sped up. When Griffin finally pulled his hand away, he collapsed into the back seat, breathing heavily as the energy on his hand fizzled out. My muscles relaxed and I sighed with relief. I lifted up the edge of my shirt where the wound had been and gasped when I saw that it was completely gone. There was no trace that it had ever been there in the first place. No scar, no redness, and, most importantly, no pain.

“Woah…” I breathed. “Thanks, Griffin.”

“No problem,” he said sleepily. “That was a tough fix, though…” His voice slowly faded out and, after a few minutes, I heard quiet snoring from the back seat.

“That is one powerful kid,” I said quietly to Ailbe.

She nodded. “He's probably the most powerful super in all of North America. That’s why the Order had him locked up."

“Why didn’t they just kill him if he was such a threat?”

Ailbe shrugged. “They were probably studying him and needed him alive to do so. He doesn’t talk about his experience much so I don’t really know the details of what happened there. All I really know is that whatever they did to him in there, he was barely alive when we found him.”

“Poor kid,” I said, looking into the back seat at the sleeping boy. His face was calm and peaceful and his chest slowly rose and fell, his breath occasionally making small humming sounds when he exhaled. “How old is he, anyway?”

“I think he’s only fourteen or fifteen,” Ailbe responded. “Too young to have gone through that.”

I nodded and there was another silence for a few minutes before I asked, “So where are we going exactly? I don’t think we ever really cleared that up.”

“I’m taking us to the Academy. It’s a training school for supers. You and I never attended there because we wanted to live as normal a life as possible, except for the occasional crime-fighting at night. But it's the safest place I can think of to get us away from Lilith."

A tingling feeling on the back of my neck caused me to glance back and my heart dropped into my stomach. "How far from here is it?" I asked, trying to keep the fear out of my voice.

"Only about 10 miles. We're almost there. Why?"

"Because Lilith is right behind us."

Ailbe's eyes widened. "Wait, what?!"

Sure enough, there was a black Jaguar following behind us. And through the tinted windows, I could see the familiar smug face of Lilith. She was fiddling with something under her dashboard and I had a horrible feeling that I knew what it was.

"We have to get out of here fast," I said anxiously. "I think she might have some sort of gun."

"There's too much traffic, we'll never be able to move quickly enough."

"I could teleport us away," I suggested. "Just tell me the direction to the Academy and I can get us there in a blink."

Ailbe shook her head. "That's too dangerous. You can't jump more than a few miles at a time. And even if we did multiple jumps, you would have to take a break between each one."

"We don't have time to make multiple jumps. And we can't get away in the car. I have to try and make it in one."

Ailbe shook her head again. “No, I won’t let you. It could kill you!”

At that moment a bullet shot through the back window of the car and lodged itself in the windshield. In Ailbe’s surprise, her hands let go of the wheel and the car swerved to the side, narrowly missing hitting another car before she regained control.

“It’s either a chance that I die and you two live, or we all die,” I insisted. “I think we both know which choice is the right one.”

Ailbe was obviously not inclined to the plan, but finally nodded. “Just promise me you won't die, okay?"

"I promise." I grabbed her hand and then reached into the back seat to grab hold of Griffin. I only had to focus for a moment before the shimmering vapor began pouring off my skin again and the wrenching feeling returned to my stomach. Ailbe pointed in the direction of the Academy and I mustered all of my strength, pushing myself to jump the full ten miles. The twisting in my gut suddenly became unbearable and I screamed in pain as the vapor engulfed us. It felt like someone had stabbed through my stomach with a hot poker and then began twisting it back and forth. I remembered feeling us land on the other end of the jump. But as soon as my feet touched solid ground, I crumpled into a heap and succumbed to the dark void of unconsciousness.


I was vaguely aware of my surroundings when my consciousness finally began to return. I was standing upright, which I immediately knew wasn’t right. I could tell it was my own eyes that I was seeing through, but there was a dark film over my eyes that made everything look purple. I saw Ailbe and Griffin standing several feet away, staring at me with a look of terror on their faces. I tried to speak and reassure them that I was okay and there was nothing to be afraid of, but my voice wouldn’t work. I wasn’t in control of my own body. It was the most horrifying feeling. I could still feel everything, but I had no control when I felt my lips slowly begin to part in a sinister grin.

I felt my arm begin to raise itself, and I saw that the dark mist was still swirling around me. When my arm had fully raised, my finger pointed directly at Ailbe. I realised that this would most likely end badly, so I gathered all my willpower and yanked back on my arm. Whatever was controlling me growled as my arm was jerked back to my side. Ailbe and Griffin’s faces went from terror to confusion and finally to realization. They knew I was still in my body.

I began fighting back with all my strength, trying to push out the dark force that had power over my body. My hands grabbed my head as the darkness tried to keep its hold on me, but finally, it yielded. The film fell away from my eyes and the mist dissipated into the air. I fell to my knees, breathing heavily. I felt Ailbe throw herself down next to me and wrap her arms tightly around my neck. She was sobbing.

I wanted to hug her back, but my arms wouldn’t move. I was too exhausted. My ears rang and my eyelids drooped. Griffin was saying something to me, I could tell he was looking for some kind of response from me, but I had no strength left. Not even enough to move my lips or make a sound. Suddenly, a shadow appeared behind Griffin. It was a tall man. He knelt down in front of me. His eyes were kind. He laid his hand on my head and closed his eyes. I felt energy begin to enter my body. It wasn’t much, but it was enough that I could move again.

I opened my eyes fully, allowing me to get a better look at the man. His eyes were a dark brown that matched the dark, wavy hair that hung down on his forehead. I had seen that he was tall, but now I saw that his legs, arms, and torso were long enough that he would likely be at least seven and a half feet tall when he stood.

The ringing in my ears dulled enough that I could make out Ailbe’s jumbled words as she held me close. She was sobbing about being scared to death, scolding me for pushing myself too far, and other such things. I reached up and stroked her hair comfortingly and wrapped my other arm around her, finally able to return her embrace.

“I’m okay, Ailbe,” I said quietly. “I’m okay.”

“I’m never letting you do that again,” she mumbled into my shoulder.

Once my teary-eyed girlfriend had pried herself away from me, she and the tall man helped me to my feet and we began to walk. We were in a wooded area, leaves, moss, and grass coating the ground and branches intertwining in the canopy overhead. It wasn’t long before I saw the outline of a building through the trees. It looked like a converted warehouse with white walls, tall windows, a flat roof, and trimmed bushes beside the glass doors. Young people walked, ran, and flew in and out of doors and windows, bags on their backs and books in their arms.

“Welcome to The Academy,” said the man.

© 2019 Talia M.

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