Boris can fly

Boris can fly

A Story by tarasov

a short story i wrote that was just fun to write :]

when I was younger I wandered around by myself a lot. I didn't have any friends but that never bothered me. I was content with life. Until I met Susan, she was beautiful and kind, with hair that floated in the wind. She took me in and gave me a warm place to sleep and always made sure I had plenty to eat. She was my friend. She came and talked to me every day. Susan told me she loved me  and that one day I would fly. I believed with all my heart the she loved me but I always doubted I would fly.

I was small and didn't have wings to fly with. "I can't fly" I thought, but Susan insisted that I would. then I was just happy to be loved. One day Susan took me to the park and got me new leaves to eat, which was good because I was so hungry! I ate and ate and ate, then I got really tired I settles down for a long nap. I slept and was warm and safe. But somewhere deep within my sleep I heard Susan crying! She thought I had died! I worked really hard and came out of my bed. When I saw Susan her face light up but she was shocked. Then I looked at myself, I was different! I was no longer small and fuzzy, I was sleek and tall, and I had wings! I was flying! I was beautiful and free, just like Susan always told me I would be. It was grand.

When I changed Susan and I played together more. We played tag, sometimes I chased her sometimes she chased me. It was all great fun. I flew next to her for a long time, being loved and flying. All my dreams had come true.

Then one day Susan didn't come back. i saw her in her house and she waved. I knew she was letting me go to fly on my own and have great adventures. Meeting new friends, and seeing new things. And that's just what I did, I saw far away places and a bunch of different people. then one day I came back to Susan's house, I saw a girl and I knew it was her. but Susan had changed too! She came to me and held me in her hands, I was warm and happy with Susan again. But I was also tired. So in her hands I layed down my head, closed my eyes and fell asleep
             One last time.

The End

© 2010 tarasov

Author's Note

in case you didn't get it...Boris is a caterpillar. :]

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You're a butterfly! Hehe

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is incrediously written.
I love it :]
In case you didn't know

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I write poetry and dabble in short stories. I'm 17 and have been writing for as long as i can remember :D i live in a small town in the U.S. i love ART and music; Drama and theater. mostly i love expr.. more..


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