chapter 1

chapter 1

A Chapter by XxGhostXxGirlXx

"WAKE UP CORY" a fimaliar voice said while pushing me off my bed "golly I'm up

I'm up" I said. I rolled out of my bed my hair was a big frizz mop, walking down stairs to the kitchen, "morinin sleepy head" my friend Andy said. Andy and I had been friends since we were younger we'd been through everything both our parents died and were

greaser. Andy's real name is Amanda and mine's Corryn. Andy was a runaway and had dropped out of school, "Why did you get me up so early" I said eating my cereal, "well it's your time for love.." she said. I almost choked on my cereal, everytime she tries to help me with my love life it turns out bad, "tahnks but I'm fine" i said throwing my bowl in the sink. "Well to bad we have to go anyways we have to meet the guys at the gas station" she said in a huff, I walked up stairs to get changed. I was worried because everytime we meet at the gas station the guy i like Sodapop Curtis worked there and all the girls drooled all over him and never get to talk to him. See we have a gang it's with my friends Andy, Ponyboy, Darry, Dallas, Two bit, Johnny, and Sodapop. Ponyboy was my favorite he was the youngest (14) but he felt like a son to me. Darry was Pony's older brother he was really tough Dallas was the same as Darry but more jeuinelle. Two bit was the jokester and jonhnny was Andy's love he was shy and quiet he had gotten beaten up by Soc's a while back. Last was Soda Pony's other older brother he was handsome and very sweet. I ran outside with Andy I put my hair up in my newspaper boy hat "jezz Cory do you really have to make yourself look like a boy we're just going to see the guys and they're gonna take it" she said. I ignored her while lighting my cigeratte, we went to the gas station no guy and no girls just Soda and Steve " oh hey guys Soda siad smiling at us.

© 2011 XxGhostXxGirlXx

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need to edit this so here is it so far

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hello there my name is ghost girl, i love to read and write, my Favorite books are Ghost girl series and Dork diaries I love death note L is my favorite NEAR IS MINE READY SET ^^ .. more..