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my story for class i think its bad whateve


The thought of me, the thought of my broken heart- “MISS WILLAMS ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION” my teacher said to me. I usually space out in this time of class, the bell rang and it was time to go home, well I live in a hospital because…. Well……I have a disease, my friends have different problems then me, except my friend Blake. Blake was really nice and sweet he had jet black hair and grayish blue eyes….awww he’s totally- WAIT!!! I’m getting ahead of myself. I walked out of the class and headed out to my locker and not see a surprise visit from Nina and Eric. Nina was a dark skinned girl with chocolate colored hair always in a pony tail but her problem is she has something wrong with her blood, Eric was tall and lean he had blonde hair that was some what spiky his problem was that he was bipolar. “SO TONIGHTS MOVIE NIGHT” said Eric very loud and annoying usual “I can’t wait” “I know I hope we watch the The Collector” said Nina, I went back to the hospital and went to my room, best friend Max was there.


 Max is the best friend you will ever have and yes she’s a girl “hey Charlotte” she said, Max has dirty blonde hair and dark green eyes. Max has issues with her eyes. She and I talked for a while then went we to the TV room, then I saw a new girl she had curly hair and pretty clothes and makeup she said her name was Jocelyn Graham.

I sat down on the couch and as the scary scene came on the lights went out, but when they came on Jocelyn had disappeared. We all freaked we tried to look for her in the bathroom and in the rooms but she was no where to be found, could you believe the newest girl in our group…GONE for I don’t know how long- alright I need to get a grip. I gathered everyone and we had to have search parties, “alright Nina will go with Eric and I’ll go ask some of the staff in the hospital” Max said giving us walkie talkies so we can communicate. So my partner was….Blake!?! great! The love of my life by ourselves, maybe this was good opportunity for me but my heart was beating a mile a minute and even my feet were vibrating. As Blake and I were walking he kept asking me random questions which made my face fluster and I think he was blushing

“Hey Char do you like anyone”

“Huh?? What do you mean?”

“Well…it’s just that…I was wondering”

“Well… I do like this one-“.

Before I could finish my sentence my walkie talkie went off, and it was Max, “You guys we found Jocelyn” said Max. As Blake and I were running down the stairs Blake stopped me and said “isn’t that Jocelyn in there” I looked and saw her just standing there but as we walked in the room the door closed. We tried to yell for help but I don’t think anyone heard us, “You guys we know who stole Jocelyn” said Max on the walkie talkie. As I tried to do something something or someone hit me on my head, I woke up in the infirmary I guess it was the next day, Blake was there he said to me

“Oh good your awake”

“What happened”

“You hit your head really hard”

Somehow I must have tripped and hit my head on the wall, that’s great doing that in front of the person I love.” Who stole Jocelyn” I asked in a worried voice, he told me that one of the staff people stole her, her name was Valerie I remember her when I first came to the hospital she would always be sneaky and act like a ghost and move so quickly. She wanted revenge on us for being so bad “hey Char bout that question I asked you, I was wondering if you wanted to maybe do something later” he said “ ok..” I said stuttering my heart was beating a mile a minute I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not but I felt it was fake, or so I Thought.  


© 2011 XxGhostXxGirlXx

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note its horrible

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It was not horrible! Give yourself some credit.

I do have to admit, I saw the name Blake and LOL'd.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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hello there my name is ghost girl, i love to read and write, my Favorite books are Ghost girl series and Dork diaries I love death note L is my favorite NEAR IS MINE READY SET ^^ .. more..