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Everyone is writing about the new normal. Never leaving home without a face mask. Having to stand outside of the supermarket as only a certain amount of people are allowed in at one time. Right now, all live shows, and sports events are cancelled. What if the new normal calls for unoccupied sports arenas, and stadiums? Athletes would have accolades to compete for, but there would be no more autograph signing. Or they would have to be behind glass. Maybe the stadiums and arenas will be forced to put up glass barriers. Or maybe all sporting events, speeches, rallies, everything would have to take place online.

Interviews would be conducted in sparsely occupied rooms. The new normal would consist of streaming concerts, theater and other events. Talk shows, the morning and evening news would have to be done in a manner of social distance. So, what happens to the today show, or any of these daytime shows that rely on audience participation? Humans are allegedly social creatures. So, imagine the family gathering requiring everyone to keep their distance. What happens to the family barbecue? Think about holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Think about the parades, new year’s, the fourth of July. Think about this, or any other pandemic becoming so dominant that not only would there be travel restrictions but imagine talk of isolation.

Meaning states might take into consideration the real possibility of constructing a bubble to protect their state from outside viruses. An actual bubble. Impossible? So was covid-19 not too long ago. Imagine the new normal being that separation is now a requirement. I personally hope, and don’t think that things will get to those extremes, but I do feel that even when we get past this. There will be a difference in how we treat each other. How we react to a cough or a sneeze. Shaking hands may be a thing of the past. Hugs, face kisses. Touching. I think facemask are now a part of the new normal. If anything, this pandemic has shown us that we might be top of the food chain, but we are not immune.

By time it’s all said and done, we will have seen just how vulnerable we are. That we are just a speck in a great scheme of things. That we are all the same, and that everyone is subject to the exact same kryptonite.  Millions of people of all ages, Geographic’s, economics, race, religion, sex, or preference, will die. This pandemic will show us that we need to rely on one another, and that we cannot just simply go rogue. There must be protocol. The future, or non-future of our civilization depends on our adherence, and our empathy of our fellow human.

Covid-19 began as something that everyone under the age of 50, and without underlying ailments, would get through. Those who didn’t fall under certain criteria felt invincible, and till this day, there are those that I have no sympathy for, because their ignorance can cost them their lives and the lives of others. Many don’t wish to accept reality. Others become conspiracy theorist. Everyone copes in their own way. Many call it a sign from the heavens. Like aids. There’re people that feel that it is a virus that is simply assisting in the reduction of our population. It was here to take the older people who might be a burden on society. Then suddenly it became an enigma that began taking peoples lives regardless of age, or medical status. City, state, and federal officials, as well as the President have been doing daily status reports.

 The unemployment rate has skyrocketed. Mom and pop stores must close. Restaurants that are open are only doing pickup or delivery. The stock market is in a frenzy. Now we must learn to adjust, and life doesn’t stop or take a timeout, so you must adjust quickly. I’d like to blame it on Hollywood. All those science fictions and films like contagion and such. These films have been prepping us for years on how to deal with the new normal. Whether it be an alien invasion, or a pandemic. Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt had a bead on it.

Now it’s right in front of us. We wake up with it every day. We wake up in the morning. Many of us are quarantined, must work from home. A small price to pay for our health. Others have been laid off. Millions have joined the unemployment market. Then there are the frontlines. Medical professionals, police, transportation workers, sanitation, supermarket workers, national guard. Our society is being propelled into a new normal. Everything that we have done up till now, will for some remain the same, once things return to whatever it once was. For others. Things will drastically and dramatically change. Life and the new normal, will take on a whole new meaning. Think about it. Taking out the trash, going to the mailbox, receiving a package, going shopping, doing laundry. It’s all taken on a new normal. Riding in an elevator, talking to your neighbor.

This is world war III. We live in a world of cyber spies, soldiers, individuals that are plotting a take over of our society through social media. This is the new normal. Cigarettes and vaping will become less of a problem. The wearing of facemask will simply not allow time for smoking, and people will respect fresh air. Things that we have taken for granted, like the animal world, will hopefully be looked upon with more respect. Then again there will always be the knucklehead.

© 2020 john Robinson

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Added on April 2, 2020
Last Updated on April 4, 2020


john Robinson
john Robinson

Jamaica, NY

I like being me,but I despise my life. It's the old saying,"if it weren't for bad luck,I would have no luck at all". Then again I did spend twenty one years in Germany after I left the army. I did tou.. more..