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I never thought that in my sixty-one years on this planet that I would be living in science fiction. Then again, I could imagine that no one was expecting the second world war. Or the great depression. The assassination of John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther king, Malcolm X. It is both disturbing, funny, and compelling how our society evolves. How sometimes we must be hardheaded to get to the point, or simply understand. Now through this corona corvid -19 pandemic. Society has been thrusted into another level of evolution. It is the new virtual reality. There is no Baseball, football, boxing, tennis, hockey, basketball, Nascar, there is nothing.

 Instead there are reruns of games from a year, or two years ago. We are forced to reminisce. But there is another part of society that we may have forgotten. Yes, there is another world out there that can provide relief and be the cure of our boredom.  It has been proven through millions upon millions of starving fans of sports, or just the get me out of this world of depression association. EA. Yes, the gaming world has exploded, because there is nowhere to go. We need the adrenaline, excitement, the competition. During the Nazi regime, Hitler used sports to exude what he felt was the superiority of the white race. Blew up in his face, but the point here is that our society, our world, needs to have sports.

There are Amazonian tribes, tribes in Alaska, or the outskirts of Canada, South America, South east Asia. Everyone has sports. We are stuck with constant bulletins from the mayor, governor, and President. We must stand in line for things, everyone has a mask. And there is nothing to help us escape. Then again virtual reality brings to us a whole new world, if not worlds. In virtual reality, we can do anything and be anything. It gives us the power of alternative. We work out online, converse through zoom, and have now found a new way of communication, and a new way through the new normal. Yes nature, and corona, you can slow us down, but you will never stop us. We are a society of doers. We freaking flew to the moon, and we plan on making mars a vacation spot Elon Musk and alike are the new Einstein’s. Do you really think this will slow our progression? We grow bigger, stronger. We are Warriors powered by blue lightening.

This virus is putting our strength to the test. It is serious, and one thing we need is escape. YouTube is coming to the rescue, and the new virtual reality is saving us in an unconscious way. I remember watching an episode of the,” Jetsons”. It is an animation from the late 60’s early 70’s. In this episode George Jetson goes to a football game. The players were robots, and the coaches had Nintendo type controls. I never thought that this could or would be a possibility. Right now, I must accept the fact that nothing is really an impossibility. Everyone is wearing a facemask, some quite extravagant. The point here is the change in our society. The change in our lives, the change in the world has taken us by surprise.

We were invincible. Once upon a time. Call it what you want. I call it nature, and she has proven that we are no match for her. But what now is the new normal. Everyone has a mask, so who are the bad guys? How can you tell? Then there is a whole world of change. We do not go out to shop, we order. So, the whole dynamic of how we live our lives has taken 180-degree turn. Right now, we are all asking ourselves, “What the f**k is going on?” Stores are putting up partitions to protect workers from customers. A whole new protocol on how to shop or do laundry. No really. This is not just the new normal. This is the new virtual reality. Stores putting up partitions. Now you cannot just barge in. You must stand in line. Doctors and nurses finally receiving what they should always receive-recognition. Yes. This is the new virtual reality, because this is the new reality. What about intimacy? Human touch,buffets?

When you look at this new world. When immortality becomes a subject more important than the sitcom. Facemask, gloves, and handwashing become the most important thing. What about hugging and overall intimacy? Promiscuous sex. Will everything be through zoom? let us get backed to sports. Is EA our new virtual reality? Will that Jetsons cartoon become reality? It might already be. Now they are talking about a resurgence in the diesease, and  this in conjunction with the flu. Now sit back and think about it. It was never out of the realm of impossibility. We just never thought that it would become our reality. What is interesting here is the fact that we as a species must now realize that we are all now infant. We all must learn a new way of living. We are literary now all equal. This is the new virtual reality. Think about the night life, the empty arenas, stadiums. Think about the loss of intimacy. Touch, feeling. Where is this world going? Where are we going? It is just not a new normal. It is a new us.

© 2020 john Robinson

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Excellent write here
Thoroughly enjoyed

Posted 3 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on May 1, 2020
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john Robinson
john Robinson

Jamaica, NY

I like being me,but I despise my life. It's the old saying,"if it weren't for bad luck,I would have no luck at all". Then again I did spend twenty one years in Germany after I left the army. I did tou.. more..