Unusually Endangered

Unusually Endangered

A Story by Fire&Ice

This is the beginning of a story I wrote in my free-time this summer, inspired by Stephanie Meyer's series.



Blood trickled down the side of her head, “F**k you, and your kind!” Another white knuckle made contact with her face, “Why don’t you just kill me already?” The hair around her face was matted with dried blood, her expression full of anguish.


“Where is Devon?” a deep voice said slowly.


“I told you, I don’t know!” the girl panted and clenched her teeth together. The shadowy figures surrounding her were completely still. If the largest one hadn’t been speaking in his deep, penetrating voice, one would think they were inanimate.


“You know,” the deep voice began again, “Lex, Xavier, and Dillon, they haven’t had a snack,” he paused and slid a leather covered finger over her lips, “in a while… They must be hungry, right boys?” A loud snarling noise was all that came as a response. The deep voiced-dark figure laughed once, “See, Andrea. I wish you’d help us. I don’t really want to see your mangled figure lying on this cement floor, but if that is what you wish…”


“But I don’t know f*****g anything!” she screamed, her eyes wet with fear. The group snickered and one smaller figure glided closer to her. The tiny bit of light that was filtering in from a high window, showed his face. He had gray-white skin and yellow eyes. He drew back his thin lips and snarled inches from the frightened girl’s face, revealing two rows of pointed dagger-like teeth. The girl’s entire body shivered, he smiled a malicious smile and increased the distance between himself and the girl.


“She’s of no use to us,” a higher, more perverse voice sounded from farther away, “Do away with her Lex,” and at that, three shadowed figures crouched and flung themselves towards the terrified girl, each snarling at the other. The girl let out a blood-curdling scream as the vampires teeth began to tear at her soft flesh.


The deep-voiced figure glided out of the room, followed by the other vampire that spoke. They each stood on the windowsill outside of the empty room, that Andrea’s torn body now lay inanimate in. The three vampires, now satisfied exited also, and followed to the windowsill. At the same moment, they all took flight into the cool night air, not making a sound. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of Andrea’s blood, trickling down her neck, and hitting the cement floor with a slight echo. In this abandoned garage, no one would find her body.


One human was very little to be split amongst three ravenous vampires. So, naturally the hunt continued, though this time the only purpose was to feed.


The vampire with the higher, more perverse voice landed on the roof of a library. The library was closed, and dark, due to the fact that it as three in the morning. These vampires hunted in the night, not because they were allergic to light, but because it was easier. The one’s that they would find at this time, generally didn’t have anyone to look for them after they disappeared. This allowed the murders to stay under the radar. This vampire had glossy red hair, that hung down almost to her hips. She had bright yellow eyes that seemed out of place with her shadowy figure. Behind her, landed the three still-ravenous-looking younger vampires. They looked out over the city, searching the streets for loners.


“There,” said a gravely voice, coming from the vampire named Lex. The red-head smiled a tight smile and nodded. Lex, Xavier, and Dillon jumped from the roof and landed on the cement below without a sound. Springing from shadow to shadow, the three male vampires made their way towards the unsuspecting victim.


In one swift movement, Lex grabbed the middle-aged man and covered his mouth. The man tried to shout, but Lex clamped his cold hand tightly over the man’s mouth. Dillon and Xavier followed close behind Lex as he made his way back to the rooftop.


“Audrina,” Lex said softly, his icy hand still tightly over the man’s lips. She turned and smiled, her thin-lipped smile again. She licked her lips and eyed the frightened man’s expression.


“Release your hand Lex,” Audrina grinned, showing the man her pointed teeth. His face turned whiter than before, and he began to scream ‘help’, but before he could utter enough to be heard, Audrina had his neck in a death grip. She placed her cold lips to his neck, breathing in the scent of his blood. And within a tiny instant, Audrina’s sharp teeth slipped into the man’s skin and she tasted him. The man didn’t even have a moment to feel her teeth rip into his skin. One second he was pale with pure fear, and the next, he hung limp in Audrina’s grasp.


She threw her head back, a little line of blood trickling from the corner of her mouth, and snarled into the night sky. Lex, Xavier, and Dillon joined in her snarl, and awaited the arrival of the deep-voiced vampire.


The four vampires perched on the edge of the library’s roof. After a few minutes, the deep-voiced vampire landed softly behind them. He was no longer thirsty. His eyes were a lime-green, and he was the only vampire who hunted alone.


“Chris, we’ve all had our feed,” Audrina stood slowly and turned to face him. Chris was of African-American decent, and he was larger boned than any of the other vampires. He had black hair, that was shaved down to almost nothing. Audrina was taller than him, though no more impressive. She appeared more of an intimidating foe, than impressive. Chris was made of toned muscle, that he could use to catch any sort of prey he wanted.


“Ah, well then,” he looked over towards the three younger vampires and back at Audrina, “Let us return to our human lives for the day, people will be journeying to work soon.”


In unison, the creatures nodded. One by one took off into the night, all in separate directions. Chris remained where he stood for a long while, watching the others depart. Then, just as dawn broke, he slipped into the shadows in the alleyway beside the library.

© 2008 Fire&Ice

Author's Note

Just a fun piece that I wrote in those hot summer days when there was nothing else to do but wallow :P Please review! :)

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No remorse for what they are doing...Refreshing...Very...James, Victoria & Laurent...ish nice work i hope you add more

Posted 15 Years Ago

I like the matter of fact tone of this piece and how it does not go into the right or wrong moral issue, but just gives a glimpse of how vampires feed.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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