Unusually Endangered Part 3

Unusually Endangered Part 3

A Story by Fire&Ice

A continuation of my story.


“Not quite, never is when kids come in,” she responded, distaste seeping from her lips.


Chris really didn’t share a bond with any of the male vampires, only Audrina. Her fire red hair framed her pale face; her lips seemed redder than usual.


“You look thirsty,” Chris commented, scrutinizing her expression.


“I am,” she breathed as she watched two women walk by a streetlight below, their laughter echoing within her thoughts.


Lex and Dillon were arguing over which of the two women would taste better. Of course, Lex wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but Dillon and Xavier sure could. Dillon cast his gaze towards Audrina, a slight desire shown in his eyes. 


She laughed softly, it sounded like it echoed, though there was nothing around for the sound to bounce off of. Chris nodded, his head turned so that only Audrina could see his expression. 


Dillon snapped at Xavier with his cold fingers, and jumped down into the dark alley, Xavier close behind. They glided through the shadows, making sure not to disturb the silence they traveled through.


"That man was so incredibly drunk!" the taller, skinnier woman snorted a laugh.


"He was stumbling, AND mumbling!" the plumper one giggled.


Dillon and Xavier could smell the alcohol from behind the brush. That man wasn't the only one drunk. Dillon covered Xavier's mouth as he began to chuckle.


This prey was far too easy, even for Xavier, the newest member of the clan.


Suddenly, Xavier darted from the brush, taking the skinny woman between his teeth. He flew back to the alley, her neck between his fangs. Before the other woman could react, Dillon had his hand over her mouth, he carried her over to the alley also, bringing her up to the library roof.


"Xavier," Audrina hissed, "We told you.. A thousand times.. You must hunt as we tell you.. No exceptions."


Dillon hadn't killed his prey yet, she hung in his arms, wide-eyed and defenseless. Dillion tightened his hand to her lips. Xavier waved off Audrina's comment, gaining his fill from the victim. Dillon grinned suddenly, showing his sharp teeth to the plump woman. Her mouth gaped, then snapped shut. He carried her nearer to her friend, displaying the blood trickling down her friend's throat. The plump woman screamed behind Dillon's frigid hand. He laughed, again it sounded like an echo.


He dropped the woman from a height of two feet, and watched her writhe to stand. Just as her knees were starting to support her, Dillon jumped over her body. He pinned her down, one hand pushing her stomach down, the other covering her mouth.


"Hello there. Lovely evening, isn't it?" Dillon smiled strangely, his face inches from hers. He released his grip on her mouth slowly, "Speak softly or suffer the same fate as your friend," he raised her body so she could see Xavier disposing of her friend's bloodless body.


The plump woman began to stutter something. then Dillon hushed her, "Softer, and tell me your name," he whispered.


"M-my name is Rebecca," she whispered back, almost inaudibly. No matter though, all of the vampires on the roof heard her.


"Hello Rebecca," Dillon said in a deeper voice then usual, Xavier chuckled in the background, "How old are you?"


"I'm twenty-nine y-years of age."


"Mmm," Dillon and Xavier sounded at the same moment. The woman's expression turned from frightened to frantic in an instant. Xavier was mumbling about how she would taste, just loud enough for her to hear. Dillon pressed his lips to her neck, smelling the blood inside her, "Oh... Xavier, you missed out."


Lex stared intently at the woman. Audrina tapped his shoulder, and he turned, "Yes, Audrina?"


She smiled, her thin-lipped, violent red smile, "Chris and I need to speak with you, it is best we talk now, while Dillon and Xavier are ... preoccupied."


Lex nodded and stepped towards Chris.


"Lex," Chris began, turning his body to face him. Audrina was standing beside Chris, "Audrina and I.. Do you remember that girl? Andrea?"


Lex looked up at the starry-night sky and then turned his face to Audrina, smiling, "How could I forget.. Her blood was lovely." Audrina blushed slightly, but retained her straight face.


"Well, the vampire she was defending, is still in Grefaror. He sometimes feeds in daylight - this is our city, so he's ours," Chris sighed and turned back to stare out over the city, "I believe he has been roaming around the north side - and he has made another lady friend."


Audrina frowned, "Lady humans get dumber every day."


Lex grinned and leaned towards her, "It wasn't too long ago that YOU were a lady human, my dear."


Audrina's frown tightened and she crouched down, ready to spring. Lex bit his lip smiling, and sprung onto Audrina, pinning her to the ground.


"Nice try, love," Lex traced her lips with his cold finger. Audrina pushed him off of her, recapturing her composure.


Chris chuckled and smiled at Audrina, "You know he's faster than you." She hissed at Lex and he let out a haughty laugh.


"My plan is to track him down tomorrow, at night though. We already know he has no problem starting trouble during the day," the smile on Chris' face faded.


Audrina nodded and looked towards Dillon and Xavier. Dillon had let Xavier share some of the woman's blood and they now were conversing of the day's activities.


"Dillon," Audrina whispered, and in a few seconds, he was at her side, "I'm starving. Can you please find me a human boy, in his teens?" Dillon smiled softly and nodded, he was the youngest member, but not the newest. He quickly jumped down into the ally and sped off into the night, in search of a teen boy.


Xavier laid down on the rooftop, folding his arms behind his head, "Hey, I think we should go to the lake for a snack tonight."


"There will probably be human teens swimming.." Audrina began, and then smiled.


"They only travel in small groups," Xavier noted.


"Chris, can we?" Audrina looked to him, his back still turned. He nodded and jumped down from the library, going to his usual spot when the rest of the clan wanted to do something other than watch over the city.


Xavier leaped up and brushed himself off, showing his teeth to Audrina. She smirked back and let our a high-frequency sound, something only vampires could hear. Dillon came flying back to the rooftop, empty-handed, "What's wrong?"


"Nothing at all, we're going down to the lake, Xavier was craving fish, but I realized that there are probably full meals for me, all wet and cold," she flashed another smile. Dillon laughed and jumped down again, landing without a sound.


"C'mon guys!" Dillon projected his voice up at the roof. Lex had been simply watching the bodies of the two bloodless woman, he now shook himself into conciousness and hopped down after Dillon. Xavier and Audrina followed.


Together they ran, with great speed, all the way to the lake, which was four miles away. Once there, Lex splashed into the water, as if he was any other human. 








© 2008 Fire&Ice

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Added on October 4, 2008
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