Old Toothpaste

Old Toothpaste

A Poem by Fire&Ice

Old toothpaste smells like syrup.

Syrup is meant for pancakes of sorts.

Pancakes are meant for mouths.

Mouths are supposed to munch.

Munching means no malnutrition.

Malnutrioun shows habit.

Habit leaves no elbow room.

Elbow room is uncommon in airplanes.

Airplanes are uncomfortably cozy.

Cozy is like a tempur pedic matress and a loved one.

A tempur pedic matress and a loved one show relaxation.

Relaxation is a hammock on the beach alone.

A hammock on the beach alone is pleasing.

Pleasing is a smile and a sigh.

A smile and a sigh mean thank you.

Thank you is a repeated one time thing.

A repeated one time thing is like jumbo shrimp.

Jumbo shrimp means cocktail sauce.

Cocktail sauce comes in a plastic container.

A plastic container is all you need for water.

Water shows a reflection.

A reflection mirrors.

Mirroring is the technique of showing oneself.

Showing oneself within is hard to achieve.

Achieving something hard is satisfying.

Satisfying is the minty feeling after you brush your teeth.

Brushing your teeth involves toothpaste.

Toothpaste is slightly worse when old.

Old toothpaste smells like syrup.

© 2009 Fire&Ice

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this was really fun to read good job! I went back and re-read it and it kept making me smile

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Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on May 15, 2009
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