i forgot

i forgot

A Poem by taylorrose

its hard to tell as story about yourself. when the pain you grew up with seems so normal. many forget that there is always gonna be that little girl who got left behind to become the person she is now

i forgot whats its like 
to be happy 
when i was a child 
i was happy 
like all kids are 
but as i got older
i realized that life wasn't happy 
i put my smile away 
i tried so hard to hold on 
this little girl with a big smile 
she sat on this step 
not understanding why 
one day the sad her got up and walked away 
leaving this happy girl all alone
she never even looked back 
sadness and anger was all she had
she fell into a life 
that may many didn't see her 
she was gone for good 
hidden in her own face
she continued to fade into the sadness she wore upon her face
she never spoke about where she came from 
always trying to cover up who they were 
what they were 
she never spoke to anyone about the past
she fell silent agianest the wind 
she fell into the storm 
not even a sound came from her lips 
she stood still 
watching the world pass before her
no one saw her 
life went on as she struggled 
one day she found someone willing 
to climb the darkest mountain 
only to realize he will be the same 
a man full of lies 
full of disbelief 
she let go 
she struggled again 
because pain was her friend 
pain was what made her be who she was
then she let go again 
this time with someone else
only she struggled to be there for him 
he never answered 
he ignored her
he was all the same
she didn't know why 
but a smile was all she dreamed of 

© 2017 taylorrose

Author's Note

ignore any spelling mistakes i wrote this kind of fast, i hope you enjoy i haven't wrote in a long time and i miss it. i miss expressing how i feel instead of holding it in. im used to it by now but i hate hurting even if it feels normal to me.

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I honestly love this! whether there was spelling errors or not i loved it!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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3 Years Ago

thank you im so glad you like it

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1 Review
Added on August 20, 2017
Last Updated on August 20, 2017



marshalltown, IA

you learn to live your life your way. you earn how to free yourself from your own demons. in the process you find love in the most delicate places. this is my life and I own it. more..

you said you said

A Poem by taylorrose