you said

you said

A Poem by taylorrose

we all have those moments in our lives that make us break into tiny peices and we have to learn to build ourselfs up. we have to learn to try to be ourselfs again. we struggle every day wondering.

you said you loved me 
but you crushed me 
you said you wouldn't hurt me 
but you killed me anyways
i don't understand why?
why you could lie to my face
did you even care how i felt
how you left me feeling?
i loved you with every beat of my heart
you said you loved me
how could you lie to me 
how could i fall for you again 
how can you go on living
knowing what you have done
i don't understand why? 
why after i said how i felt 
after you apologized 
how you could still do me wrong
how you can still hurt me 
why would you ask me out 
for another chance 
just so you could crush what is left of me 
how can you try and take it all 
i don't understand how u cant tell me
why you left me again 
how can ignoring me 
make a person feel 
so many questions?
so many unanswered thoughts
i still don't know it it was you or me 
did i make you leave again
or was this all you 
did you want to see if i could handle it 
how can you do me like this
how can you not care how i would feel
do you ever think of me? 
do you ever wonder if i'm alright? 
does it even matter to you?
was i not good enough? 
was i to much for you? 
why would you want a second chance 
when you already knew that you would crush me
was it easy? 
was it hard? 
did you plan it this way? 
how come you played me again?
did you ever love me?
was i just a game to you? 

© 2017 taylorrose

Author's Note

im sorry if there are any mistakes im still at that moment that these questions hurt still. i never thought that he could hurt me a second time. that he would want to after he told me he wouldnt. typing them still make me cry.

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This is so beautiful, yet devastatingly sad. I hope you're doing alright, you seem very hurt in this. You are an amazing poet, and you definitely conveyed a lot of emotion in your poem. It was very well written, and I think you are very talented, your poem is very strong and holds a lot of emotion.

Posted 8 Months Ago

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Added on December 30, 2017
Last Updated on December 30, 2017



marshalltown, IA

you learn to live your life your way. you earn how to free yourself from your own demons. in the process you find love in the most delicate places. this is my life and I own it. more..

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