Broken Love

Broken Love

A Poem by Brittany Ba

Just a little poem that I thought I should write. Hope you like it!

He's doing it again,
I see him in the distance.
Acting like he's cool,
And ignoring my existence.

I wish that he would notice me,
I feel so alone and cold.
My friends don't care about it,
They say that 'he's too old'. 

I know he really isn't,
We're only two years apart.
They will take any excuse,
To shoot me through the heart.

His black hair glistens,
Swinging in the breeze.
But his ice-blue eyes can chill you,
Making you want to freeze.

He looks my way now,
Staring across the courtyard.
Will he come over here,
Or leave me burned and charred?

He's walking my way slowly,
Will he make a move?
Maybe he's here on a bet,
To make me look like a fool.

"Sow what are you doing this weekend?"
He asks so calm and quiet.
"Nothing, I don't think."
My heart begins a riot.

"Come with me on a date."
He softly takes my hand.
"I promise you that this is real."
His offer I cannot withstand.

I wait outside the restaurant,
Arms folded across my chest.
My crush still hasn't shown up,
Was this date just a test?

My heart withers and shrivels up,
As every minute passes.
I knew I shouldn't have fallen for it,
His stupid Gucci glasses.

After hours of waiting,
Tears well up in my eyes.
No one will ever love me,
And I feel my heart die.

Next day, he comes again,
And tries to say sorry.
"My father was in hospital."
My eyes go all starry.

"What about tomorrow night?"
I nod and say yes.
"Good, same time, same place."
I feel certain of his sureness. 

So here I stand again,
Waiting for my crush.
This time he couldn't have lied,
I feel my cheeks flush.

Once again, I am alone,
And I begin to cry.
I run away from the place,
Thinking of my bad guy.

It happens again several times,
Each time I didn't listen.
I couldn't help myself,
The way his hair glistens.

So listen closely, readers,
Don't be fooled like me.
Good-looking guys aren't always nice,
So maybe one with a nice personality.

© 2012 Brittany Ba

Author's Note

Brittany Ba
Feel free to comment on it and review.

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This tells a tale, that i find very sad. It saddens me to see young girls believe they have no value in and of themselves. They only matter if a guy likes them, if not, they feel they will never be loved. Love yourself girls. This is your time to fly! Experience different activities, different ideas. Continue on your path to love yourself and know who you are! I see so many girls, who change who they are depending on which boy they are with at the time. It's, as if, they are blank canvas, until a boy tells them how to think, feel and act.
The truth is, love will find you when the time is right and it will be when you least expect it. The more you look for it, the more elusive it will be. Experience and love the soul within you, young ladies! You are beautiful!
And i got a chuckle out of the last stanza!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Great flow and storyline, I found the last paragraph to be a bit contrived though(:

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on March 25, 2012
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Brittany Ba
Brittany Ba

Te Awamutu, Waikato, New Zealand

Hey. I'm a teenage girl with a weird imagination and who writes whatever comes into her head. I am slightly emo, which doesn't mean I am depressed. I like lots of things, including anime, fantasy book.. more..

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