The Crow

The Crow

A Poem by Brittany Ba

Just a little poem that I may add to in future. Yes, it is a reference to a gothic film called The Crow. Long live Brandon Lee!

The crow flew above me like death's shadow,
As I climbed from my resting place.
Eternal peace was not to be mine,
I thought as I wiped dirt from my face.

Stumbling and falling constantly,
I blindly followed the crow.
Never questioning how or why,
My pain quickly began to grow.

The death of my love deserved revenge,
Both our deaths would be avenged.

I am here.
But I am not.
Somehow I know this place.
My memories have forgot.

This room is death,
But one firelight survives.
A small white cat wanders to my feet,
It's soul refuses to die.

I crush myself to the ground,
As pain rips through my mind.
Death from a thousand sides,
It feels like I will not survive.

Pushed by the flashback,
I relive the memory.
Jumping from the shattered window,
My hands stop my trajectory.

Staring at my bloodied hands,
Surely I am wounded.
But the cuts have already healed,
I stare, my mind unclouded.

The dirty mirror reflects me,
Ghost-white is my face,
I laugh at the irony,
And the emotion I do embrace.

The make-up that now covers my face,
Reflects what I feel inside,
White then black cascades down my cheeks,
Reminding me of my bride.

I know now who I seek,
The evil people involved.
A dark Devil's Night it was,
Where my hopes and dreams dissolved. 

He dares to defy me,
Though I am his better?
I stab Tin-Tin with his own knives,
And laugh as the blood trickles wetter.

The engagement ring,
A final memento of my last life.
The day before I was due,
To make Shelley my wife.

He heard me a-rapping,
And now his punishment awaits,
I find the ring eventually,
And return to see his pupils dilate.

I walk out of the shop,
Calm and free.
I turn and shoot the shotgun,
Fire explodes in front of me.

I know that he lives,
I meant him to.
So he can tell the others,
What I am going to do.

Morphine in his veins,
And in those of another,
He shoots me in the hand,
The wound quickly heals over.

I take his gun,
And shoot him in the thigh.
And drag him to the bathroom,
The last place he will lie.

The girl is frightened,
As I take her arm.
I draw out the drugs,
And send her away without harm.

When will they find him,
Death in his veins?
Syringes are in Funboy's chest,
I hope that he dies in extreme pain.

I return to the man who saw the crime,
Knowing he will understand.
The suffering that was his memories,
Are now mine as I touch his hand.

30 hours of not-death,
Belonged to my love.
Mine ended so quickly,
And the crow took me from above.

I find that the free man has been tattling,
To everyone.
Yet Top-Dollar doesn't believe him,
And murders him because he thought he won.

I kidnap T-Bird,
While the other is too busy.
When he finally realizes,
He drives so fast it makes him dizzy.

But already it is too late,
As T-Bird has his death in his own hands.
I drive him off the pier,
The car explodes, spreading his corpse across the lands.

Before I leave the pier,
I take some gasoline.
Walking with my back to the fire,
The crow remains at the scene.

© 2012 Brittany Ba

Author's Note

Brittany Ba
Feel free to comment and review!

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Havent seen the movie, but LOVE IT! You are so talented! Keep it up!(:

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on March 27, 2012
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Brittany Ba
Brittany Ba

Te Awamutu, Waikato, New Zealand

Hey. I'm a teenage girl with a weird imagination and who writes whatever comes into her head. I am slightly emo, which doesn't mean I am depressed. I like lots of things, including anime, fantasy book.. more..

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