Aphrodite, the Cat of the Stage

Aphrodite, the Cat of the Stage

A Poem by Bob B

Sometimes you see her admiring herself

In the mirror that's hanging next to the shelf.

And when she does it, oh, how she shines!

Is that, dear cat, how you practice your lines?

She seems not to care if we pay attention,

But maybe right here I ought to make mention

That being an actress, she's disinclined

To always reveal what's going on in her mind.

And she'll never, never tell you her age--

Aphrodite, the cat of the stage.


She says, "You know…I'm not one to cuss,

But when I am hungry, I WILL make a fuss."

Yes, she can certainly put on a scene

And act as though she's an importunate queen.

She says, "My dears, if I'm weak or mild,

I'll never drive the audience wild."

That critical scene is repeated each night--

A regular tour de force all right.

Yes, it's best to try to assuage

Aphrodite, the cat of the stage.


Her eyes were surely her greatest feature;

She THUS scoured the town for a drama teacher,

"Who," she says dolefully, "told me one night he

Could make me a star. ME: Aphrodite!"

But as it turned out, ol' Mr. Mittens

Made her instead a mom of eight kittens.

"But," she says, "THAT'S between you and me.

You know that I value my privacy."

It's good to always be on the same page

With Aphrodite, the cat of the stage.


One thing you learn is for her it's the norm

To act a bit slighted when asked to perform.

She must be totally in the mood

Or else she behaves in a manner subdued.

And heaven help you if you are neglectful

Or if her audience is disrespectful.

She'll exit the room like a "cat" out of hell,

And you may not see her for quite a long spell.

You never want to see her rage--

Aphrodite, the cat of the stage.


She sighs and says, "It's such a shame that

Few playwrights write good roles for a cat.

My friends say--when they see me upset--

'Commercials might be a better bet.'

My talents, however, as you might have guessed,

Best fit the stage. But now I must rest."

With that she lifted her nose in the air

And strutted out of the room with great flair.

It's always nice: advice from a sage

Like Aphrodite, the cat of the stage.


-by Bob B (1-24-20)

© 2020 Bob B

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Added on January 25, 2020
Last Updated on January 25, 2020