Fiesta, the Party Cat

Fiesta, the Party Cat

A Poem by Bob B

Fiesta is the party cat.

She won't play second fiddle;

Whenever there's a party going on,

She is smack in the middle.


Shrimp cocktail and salmon croquettes--

That's what she prefers.

Don't abandon your plate or else

Fiesta thinks it's hers.


"A lot of cats are skittish," she says,

"And thus they have a bad rap.

I, on the other hand, don't mind

Sitting on anyone's lap.


"Of course, I have an ulterior motive

That guests don't always see.

When I give them attention, there's always

Something in it for me.


"When caviar is served, you'll find me

Walking on a cloud.

I must apply all of my charm

To butter up the crowd.


"I love it when guests rub my tummy

And tickle me under the chin.

When I smell clam dip on their fingers,

My head starts to spin!


"I must admit I have no patience

For guests who shout, 'Achoo!'

And then stentoriously blow their nose

And rudely tell me, 'Shoo!'


"The nerve of them to stifle my pleasure!

For me, goal number one

Is to enjoy each precious moment--

To live means having fun!"


As soon as the dancing begins, Fiesta

Finds a safe location

Far away from dancing feet,

For height is her limitation.


Fiesta waits to hear the hosts

Say, "Let's go to bed.

We can clean up the mess tomorrow."

Then she raises her head.


With everybody gone there's no one

There to scold or berate her.

She can survey each bowl and plate

To see what treasures await her.


"Sally Bowles was right," she says;

"Life is a cabaret!

Why can't my servants put on

A party every day?"


She eats till her stomach is ready to burst,

Heedless of any warning.

Everyone wonders why she is so

Listless in the morning.


-by Bob B (2-14-20)

© 2020 Bob B

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What I dig about this poem is it’s flowing flawless rendition and the characterisation of fiesta that stays with your reader. I know I’ll remember fiesta tomorrow morning. I’m surprised you have no reviews on something so good but then I’m not really surprised because this website seems to run on mutual scratching and ego prepping by morons. Anyway, I really enjoyed this work of yours.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Bob B

1 Month Ago

Thanks for reading it and for sharing your thoughts. I have been experimenting with a series of poem.. read more

1 Month Ago

You can send me a read request when you want something read. I like fiesta. I’m interested in cats.. read more

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1 Review
Added on February 14, 2020
Last Updated on February 14, 2020