In These Crazy Times...

In These Crazy Times...

A Poem by Bob B



Eleven Oath Keepers were

Indicted for the part they played

On January 6 during

The insurrection escapade.


Seen as seditious conspirators,

The coup plotters appeared to be

Eager to use brute force to change

Election results that day in D.C.


During the violent chaos, Trump

Was said to be glued to his TV screen

While call after call came in from people

Asking him to intervene.


Trump's inaction makes him look

Like a co-conspirator who

Condoned the Capitol attack

As a way to carry out his coup.




Another conspiracy theory is now

Being spread by our friends on the Right,

Which shows how they love to alter

History through the use of sleight.


They say a man with the last name Epps

Incited the mobs on the sixth. The man

Was a federal agent, they say,

And the brutal attack was an FBI plan.


Nice try, people. Your lies fall flat.

Ray Epps is a Trump supporter--

Not a federal provocateur--

And that makes him an election thwarter.




Republicans in a number of states

Tried to pull off an election scam.

They forged some docs in efforts to show

That they were the REAL electors. Wham!


They got caught. Let's hope that they

Pay for their crime. But isn't it odd

That they scream, "Fraudulent elections!"

While they're committing election fraud?


-by Bob B (1-14-22)

© 2022 Bob B

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Added on January 14, 2022
Last Updated on January 14, 2022