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Not much has changed since I was here last time.  I gotta’ plan this one out to the letter.  I think I can find buyers for both girls and get the kidnapping done in record time.  I am pleased that I am working with the same operative.  Ferguson is very reliable and that cut-out tongue of his never hurts.  At least he knows the stakes.  

If I go on duty the night before then no one will be surprised to see me there.  I can also stretch my good nature past the code pinks and let the babies disappear in two incubators like I did the Lewis baby.  That worked real and gave me extra cover for smuggling the baby out to the building.  I wonder which floor they are going to reserve for the overflow.  Probably, the third.

Okay, the babies are delivered, the cords are cut and tied.  Then they will invite Bruce out to hold his babies.  I will pop up with the incubators and signal the need.  The babies go in, I rush them to the third floor instead of the second (like they expect).   Ferguson takes the incubators out the door and into the two trunks waiting in the van.   I go back inside to sound the alarm that the babies are gone.  Chaos erupts.

I gotta make sure the halls are clear.  That means Rose has got to be distracted just long enough to get Dr. Banks angry.  She is good at that.  I think I will get Salley to join in on that one.  Salley will rescue me from the chaos since I have been there all night.  Yeah!

I will go out to the farm and help everyone out of the goodness of my heart and make sure there are no complications.  Then I meet Ferguson, pick up the medical equipment, and take off for Houston.  I meet the first buyer at the Houston airport and the second on a boat headed for the Camen Islands.   I think I can pull this one off without having to kill anyone.  Isabella was going to get greedy.  I had no choice. 

A list of supplies:  I will need gloves, a scalpel, something to contain blood splatter, some soft wet cloths to clean up the babies.  Extra oxygen inside the incubators, extra handles in case the old ones give out.  I remember that time one broke.  Gad that was a mess.

Okay, concentrate.  I pay off Ferguson and disappear as soon as possible.  Disappear in Mexico City.   That will work.   No one will be the wiser.  My house will be shut down for the season, especially with Taylor at boarding school.  He will just think mommy has a new job and we have moved again.  He is such a good boy.

He looks so much like his father.  Just think, Bruce, I have been raising your one and only son for the last eighteen years.  Besides he is Judy’s baby, not mine.  I sold the girl, but I was not going to let your firstborn son get sold away.  I miscarried your first baby when I was six weeks pregnant and never told you.  I wanted out of the marriage because you were going to be a cop. He has no idea what his mommy does.  He thinks I am a “Super Nurse.”  No one will ever know.  Especially, you.  I wanted to keep him away from my family business and anything that would be ever considered shame full.  I was hoping he would one day meet with his father’s approval.  I know it is not possible, but it would be nice.  He is the best thing I have ever done.  He is going to be a very good man, just like his father.  If I stop now, then the chances of him ever finding out how I made my money will be eliminated.  I love Taylor so much.  He cares about other people.  He is the way people are supposed to be and not the way they are…If I just steal Bruce’s babies one last time then I know I can quit and retire.  I may even sell both these last babies to one lucky couple.  That would be the smart thing to do. One couple who can afford to pay for twins… I see two million dollars coming my way.  Yeah!  I know just who to call. 

Oh, I hate these foreign contraptions.  I don’t dare use…I can use it then tear it up and throw the parts away just like I do any other evidence.  I must steal a phone.  That way it is not tied to me in any way.  I will get one when I go out for dinner.  I hate getting dressed up for this kind of thing.  I may just go do some sightseeing.  Oh, look there.  A maid’s cart right in the middle of the hall.  No one around.  What else can I spy with my eye spy?  I made myself laugh.  I loved playing the spy game with Taylor when he was little.  Three cell phones.  Jackpot.  Gloves first.  Looks like this one is for inside the hotel to talk to the staff.  We will leave that one alone.  Here we go.  This is personal, I bet they are not supposed to have this one…no this is the one.  It is the gamer’s phone.  They play games on the internet with this one.  I also bet they are not supposed to have this on while they are at work.  Means they cannot report it missing.  Let’s use you.

Down the stairwell.  No one ever checks the stairwells, at least not right away.  I must make this call while I am walking.  “Bernard, Kati here.  What did you get?  I have something really good if you got someone with the money.”

“Kati!  I was wondering where you might be or at least wondering if you were looking for a new client.  I have a government official that needs to have a pregnant wife to get elected.  Can you do that for me?  It would pay handsomely too.”

“How about if she gave birth to twin girls?  Would they pay maybe double the normal for that one?”

“Yes, they would pay two million for that.  One for each baby.  What about the skin tone now?  The father has light olive skin, dark hair, hazel eyes.  No ethnic signs.  His parents were from Hawaii.  He looks white but his skin tone is olive.  He tans beautifully.  He could pass for just about anything.  His wife is white, blonde, with blue eyes.  Small frame woman with sweet features. I tell you.  This man makes beautiful babies.  Remember the couple from New Zealand?  They came from his sperm.”

“That is good news.  Both those babies turned into beauties.  Yeah!  That will work.  You got any more demands?”

“You take your fee over and above my price.  I want my two million all to myself.  Also, this is my last job.  I am retiring.”

“I see no reason why there should be a problem.  I will get things cleared.  How soon can we expect delivery?”

“The babies are due in three weeks. Will that be a problem?”

“No, the couple has been playing the ‘needs rest’ ticket for the wife so they could make arrangements for a baby.  Seems the wife has a drinking problem.  Three weeks would fit with the timeline they have going.”

I will see you at the waterfalls to make the exchanges and to finalize it all.  Do you still want to be the one who delivers?  I don’t mind helping if you need me.  I got the incubators.  They will be active and contain live babies when I bring them to you.”

“Yes, I do not trust anyone to pull this off but me.  After all, I am the top doctor in late-life pregnancies.  See you in three weeks at the waterfall.”

I don’t need this phone anymore.  That rock made it easy to smash up.  I gotta spread some of this destruction around.  I will now just casually walk back into the hotel and go back to my room. 

I am going to get some sleep.  I will go back over the plan again tomorrow.  I will send the file via email to my computer at home, so I don’t have to worry about transporting it from here.  I think I will coordinate with Bruce and find out what their plans are as well.  I can do that by bouncing off that router in Colorado.  He will think I am overly concerned about his wife going into labor.  It will also give me a warning if something starts to go wrong.  I sure hope I don’t have to kill one of these moneymakers.  I can say that.  After all these years I have never lost one single baby.  Besides I have been doing them all a favor. I have ensured they were raised by people who could afford to give them anything they want including a first-rate education.  I just made some money doing it.  Poor people cry over all of it, and I guess I understand that but think… their babies are all in the home of the very rich.  If someone had stolen me and sold me, I would probably not be stealing babies now.  That is a rip…ain’t it.

Taylor, I think we will move to Bhutan this time or maybe go back to Australia. We are millionaires now and can be very comfortable for the rest of our lives.  I know you will not question the money since it is from an inheritance from your grandparents.  That is no lie.  They taught me everything I know.  I guess I best start looking online for some property.  I do not want any surprises.   Ferguson is the only loose end.   I hate to kill him he has been there for me to count upon.  He even helped me set up these bank accounts.  I think with be a little flirting I could get him to fall for me.  I will have to think about this some more.

He is the only connection the buyers have to me.  Without him, they know nothing.  Well, if I must kill him, when should I do it and where?  Not in the states.  It will have to be here in Belize.  They are always having accidents at the Baker Ranch.  I could let one of those anacondas get a hold of him… no one would blame me for that one. There is an orangutang monkey rescue not far from the Amazon River. One of those brutes would rip him apart.  He will be the last of my resources.  Maybe it is time to retire.  I have enough money to last more than one life so why take any more risks?  I do hate the idea of passing up on Bruce’s babies.  He makes such pretty babies.

I must be crazy to even consider passing up two million.  It is worth the risk.  Sleep now.  Work on the plan in the morning.

© 2021 texasjane

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