A Chapter by texasjane

“Loverboy, you will not spit on me.”   Bruce waves at him and he slowly trots over to the gate.  He places a new hat on his head and then strokes his snout.  Bruce lays his head on Loverboy’s neck.  Puts his hand down on his back so Oscar can scamper to his sleeve and up to his shoulder.  He put a tiny red baseball cap on Oscar.  Oscar and Loverboy look at each other.  “Oops, I was not counting on that one guy… Well, I guess a kiss is better than a spit wad.  He was still laughing when Namoi reached the gate.

“Angela is lying down so you will have to talk to everyone from there.  You said you have some news for all of us.  Do you want Becky around or just let her take care of the kids and critters?”

“We will talk first.  Then tell her what you think she should know.  I have a lot to go over with you guys.  How is Angela?  I know she is just miserable right now. Only a week to go.  Her back must be killing her.  I think I will call Dr. Banks to make a house call tonight.  I think he will do it.”

“Bruce, I am not a medical person, but have you thought about having a c-section done?  We could get Angela to the hospital and have it done. It is only a week before the scheduled delivery date.  I don’t think it would hurt anything and it might be safer for her and the babies.  Maybe I am just being impatient. I just get the feeling that delaying could put the babies or Angela in danger somehow.  Have you heard from that friend of yours?”


“That nurse that was at the hospital the day I lost my baby and my husband.  That is what I wanted to talk to everyone about.  I found out some things today.”

I gotta grab my computer.  I took some screenshots of the whiteboards I work my cases out on to show you all what I am talking about.

“We have uncovered some interesting things about Isabella, that nurse that was killed that day at the hospital.  She has changed her name so many times we are still not sure which one is her real name, and which is an alias.  She has at least a dozen driver’s licenses and ids.  The best we can guess is that she is originally from Australia.  We think she is related or at least followed Ivan Milat.  He was active between 8 and 93 in Australia.  He killed seven young men and women during this killing spree.  I think they nicknamed his collective work as the backpacker murders.  If this is true, she may be the reason those babies disappeared.  Her fingerprints were on the inside of those incubators we found in the same room.  I know there was speculation that she died from her reaction to the peanut oil on her salad.  That may have been the cause of death, but something tells me it was not an accident.”

“Geeze, Louise.  That is awful.  To think that someone like that was working in a hospital around babies.  Well, accident or not, I am glad she is gone.  Sorry, I should not be glad of someone’s death but in this case, I am.”

I am sure you were wondering what all the extra workers were here today.  I have had security cameras installed all over the property today.  I have it all tied into a control center just off my office in the den.  We can watch the entire property all at once.  Even the pond, the rabbit hole, the orchards, and the vet’s office.  I don’t want to take any chances.  Besides with all our children running around, it is a good idea.  What do you think about getting a couple of dogs?”

“Geeze, Louise.  Slow down, having new babies is going to be hard enough.  Loverboy and Oscar head up the security team for the animals.  Those donkeys can kick, and the goats can butt hard.  I think you are getting carried away, Bruce.”

“I have officers and security people finishing up getting all the cameras tied into the monitors now.  They will have it all finished when we get back from the hospital.”

“Has anyone heard from Katherine?  She is due back from her vacation almost any day now.  Did you want her to help Dr. Banks deliver these babies?  You will need someone you trust.  Angela, I thought you might want to do a c-section instead of waiting to go into labor.”

“I think that is a wonderful idea.  We need to get a hold of both Dr. Banks and Katherine.  I just know I am so big I am about to pop.  My delivery date is three days away?  Why wait?  Let’s get the doctor out here.”

“Relax, little momma.  I will call him now.  Maybe he can give you an exam today.  I think I will take you to the hospital now.  Let’s get you where we can make some real decisions.  Naomi, you said you had all she was going to need packed.  Let’s get this ball rolling.  If we must do it all over again in three days so, be it.  I just get the feeling we best do it now.”

“I put in a call to her about an hour ago.  I think this is her now.  I am going to talk to her and be right back.”  Bruce walks down the hall.  He lets Katherine know how to get to the farm and lets her know they will be at the hospital in about an hour to maybe do a c-section.”

“Honey, she is going to meet us at the hospital.  I also gave Dr. Banks a quick call.  Everything is in motion.  Let’s go get our babies born.”

“Relax, Honey.  I know you are excited.”

“Bruce I am not excited, I just went into labor, I think.  But I don’t have you in the car yet.  Naomi, call Dr. Banks.  I will call Katherine.  They both need to come here.  There is no time to get her there.  Her water just broke.  The babies are on their way now.”

“Do you want me to get things set up in the kitchen area or do you want her to give birth in the bed?  I think the sofa is in the den but close to the kitchen.  That way sterilizing will be easier.  Sound, right?”

“Geeze, Louise.  Bruce squeeze, my hand.  Boy, these hurts.  I would give anything for an epidural right now.  You must breathe, Angela.  Remember how we practiced.  Short, quick breath in between the contractions.  That is a good girl.  In through your nose and out your mouth.  Good girl.  I got you it, honey.”

“I hear a baby is being born here.”

“Katherine, please help.  Her water broke and her contractions are coming every three minutes now.  I expect to see a baby’s head.  The doctor is not here yet.”

“Bruce, I want you to go and boil some water and bring me lots of very warm, moist towels. I have brought a couple of incubators with me.  Dr. Banks should be here in just a few minutes.  He was not far behind me when we left the hospital.”

Katherine sends Bruce out and then raises the sheet.  The first baby comes popping straight out.  A boy?  Does he have a son?  I can’t believe this.  I can’t stand this.  I must have this baby.  I will have this baby.  They... here comes another one.  I will put my little boy in the incubator as if it is not there.  Then I can put this little girl in there too.  They do not even have to know he was ever born.  My head is swimming. I have a new baby boy.  Concentrate on what you are doing.  Katherine, pay attention and do not talk out loud.  Here she comes.  What a beautiful little girl you are.  Bruce, Bruce, where are my warm moist towels? Naomi, please take this sweet baby girl and start cleaning her up… Here is the syringe to clean the sinuses.  Boy, what a voice.  She has a set of lungs on her for sure.  Angela, breathe, slow down.  I am going to put this baby on your tummy and cut the cord.  Be still for just a second.  There now.  Got it. Here, Namoi…”

“OUCH, OUCH, IT HURTS SO BAD.  Is there something wrong?”

“No, Angela, you are having another baby.  I know you are tired, but you need to push.  Push. WOW, she has a set of lungs too.  Dr.  Am, I am glad to see you.  Here you can finish up with the last one.  I got the first one now Naomi.  I will just put her in the incubator, and you can help get things ready for the one the doc is working with now.  Together we will all get these babies taken care of straight away.”

Katherine efficiently lays the little girl beside her brother who is already in the incubator.  No one knows he is there but Katherine.  His crying is muffled by his sister’s cry.  She has to find a way to get him out without anyone being the wiser.  Then an idea pops into her head.

“Here, Bruce come look at your beautiful daughters.  Take them to your beautiful wife. I am going to clean up the incubators and be right back inside in a few minutes.”

“Katherine, you are the greatest.  Wow, they are wonderful.  Those tiny fingers just wrap around my little finger so easily.”

Katherine slips out the back with the occupied incubator.  She heads, she thinks down the bath to the gate but has taken the path to the pond instead.  No one is there but a llama with a squirrel on its back.

Everyone at the house is trying to find Katherine.  Then they all hear someone yelling at the front gate.

“Is there anyone here?  Please, I need to talk to Detective Bruce Graham.”

Bruce races down to the gate.  “I am detective Graham.   Who are you?”

“I am Taylor Knight.  I have some emails you need to read and listen to from my mother, Katherine Knight.  Please, sir, it is important.”

“Come up to the house.  My wife just gave birth to twin girls.  I am afraid we are all a bit excited.  Your mother delivered the babies but right now we cannot find her.”

“Do you have the baby?”

“What do you mean?  Of course, we have both babies, why?”   Bruce looked over this young man standing before him.  He had no idea Katherine had a son.  She never said a word.  Then he had to think if he ever really asked her much about her life after their divorce.  He had not.  He looked to be about eighteen.  “Please, come up to the house where we can talk.  We will keep looking for your mother.  I have no idea what has happened to her.  This is kind of a sprawled-out property so it may take us a while to find her.  We hope she has not gotten hurt.”

“Sir, this is urgent.  Please, can we go and listen to these videos and files immediately?  Please do not let either one of your babies out of your sight.  You will understand when you have been through these files I have.”

“How did you get these files?”

“My mother sent me an email about getting ready to make a move after she picked me up at boarding school tomorrow.  The file looked encrypted, so I went to work trying to break it down.  I have specialized in computer encryption decoding during my studies.  I find I have a talent for decrypting.  The school said a fire chief had called him and said our house was on fire and no one could find my mother.  That is one reason why I went on to break the codes.  When I got into her plans and schemes, I decided to find out who you were.  It seems my mother was going to steal your babies and sell them…  She has, well, I will let you read it, sir.  I am in shock.   I had no idea all this was going on or I would have stopped it years ago.  Even if it is my mother, this is not a woman I know.”

“Let’s go to my office and go over these.   If you will wait here for a second so I can get some people doubling their efforts to find your mother.”

“Naomi, please help the doctor with the babies and Angela.  Do not let them out of your sight for a minute.  I will need to have you send those two officers at the end of the hall into my office, please.    How is Angela?”

“She is doing extremely well.  So are your daughters.  I will send the officers immediately.”  She was curious but did as she was told.  Something was up.  What could have happened to Katherine?

Taylor sat in silence as Bruce read through the files containing the plans to sell his daughters.  He could not imagine that the one person in all the world he would trust with a child would be a kidnapper.  Her voice on the recording sounded cold and calculating.  Not at all like the Katherine she knew.  She talked about killing some guy named Ferguson, setting the house on fire, and even confessed to killing Isabella.  Oh, my. She has been doing this for years.  No telling how many babies she has stolen and sold.  Taylor watched the face of this man who had known his mother.  “I am truly sorry sir.  I came straight to you after I uncovered the main file.  I guess she did burn down the house.  I do not know if there is a body inside.  As I said, I came straight here.”

“Taylor, you have no idea how grateful I am for your efforts.  I bet you are hungry and tired.  Please feel free to eat whatever you find in the refrigerator.  My officers and I are going to go over the camera foot now.  You are welcome to join us or go rest.”

“I want to see this through to the end sir.  I would like to watch the cameras as well.  I noticed there was no security at the front gate when I came up.  I saw some goats but that is about all.  Not even a dog bark.  Do you have many animals here?”

“Yes, we do and that is also a concern right now.  We have to find your mother, anyone else she may have hired, and several animals.”

“We have several sets of monitors.  If we each take one area and concentrate on it then we can make sure all are covered.  I look out on these monitors, and I have never seen it when the animals were not following one another or at least in the same general area.  This whole thing has me baffled.”

“Bruce, Bruce.”

“That is my wife.  I will be right back.  You all keep watching the footage and the monitors.”

“Angela, I am here, Baby.  Geeze, Louise.  I have two babies and you disappear.”

“Baby, we have an emergency going on here.  Katherina has disappeared.  We are afraid she must have fallen and hurt herself.  We just need to find her.  Nothing to worry you about.  We will find her, and the doctor is here so he can take care of her when we do.”

“Okay, love.  I am so sorry.  She did such a wonderful job delivering my babies.  Doc, please can I see you a minute?”

“There are some real issues at work here.  Please, do not let those babies out of your sight.  Are they in the incubators?”

“No, there is only one incubator anyway.   Angela has one baby and Naomi has the other.  Why?”

“Katherina is a kidnapper.  She is here to steal the babies.  We have to find her before she tries again.”

The look on the doctor’s face said it all.  Confusion, disbelief, and fear.  He hurried over to the birthing beds.  “You need to get some rest, Angela.  I know you are tired.  We have two birthing baskets here, but I think I will put both babies into one.  They have been together for the last nine months a little while longer will help them bond.  I think we might put some of your breast milk into bottles so we can feed your babies while you get some rest.”

Hours passed by.  No sign of the animals or Katherine.  “We need to turn on every outside light we have out there.  Someone needs to go down to the pond and turn on all those lights.  I want to be able to see whatever is moving out there.  Chop, Chop.”  Bruce was beside himself with fear. He called in for more police officers to monitor the grounds and to follow up on Katherine’s house. 


There had been a fertilizer fire and sure enough, a body was found with a shovel thrust into the neck.  Not much was left of the body after the fire.  That makes two murders she has confessed to on these encrypted files.  Taylor is so good; how could she be so bad?  It is all so confusing.  All these years.  “Taylor, we need to fix you up a bed for the night.  I have some old shirts you can use to sleep in, and I do believe I have an extra toothbrush.  We will fix you up in this guest room for now. Come on in and get some rest.  It will do us no good if you are so sleepy you miss something on the monitor or video.  Let’s get you changed.”

“Okay, I know you are right.”  Taylor pulled off his shirt and started washing the back of his neck.  As he lowered his head to let the water run, Bruce spotted something familiar.  “Stop.”

He reached over and looked at the clover birthmark that matched his own.  Taylor, how old are you?”

“I am eighteen years old, Sir.”

“That would be right on target.  Taylor, you are my son.  Your mother’s name was Judy.  She committed suicide after her babies were kidnapped.”  Bruce is shaking his head in disbelief.  You had a twin sister who also disappeared.  Oh, my.”

“Are you sure sir?   Yes, your birthday is August 23rd, right?”

“Yes, it is. How did you know that?”

“That is when my first babies were born.  I had no idea one was a boy.  I thought both were girls.  Look, son, we both have the same birthmark.  Look. Look at us.  We are almost the same height and size.  I am thicker around the middle, but I am a lot older.  Oh, my.  You are my firstborn son, Taylor.  I could not be prouder; you are a very fine boy.”  Bruce and Taylor hugged and looked at one another.  Then shook hands as if to first bond as father and son then as two men meeting for the first time.  “You get some rest; we will talk in the morning.  Good night son.  Thank you for what you are doing.”

Bruce’s head was swimming just thinking about suddenly having two new baby girls and an eighteen-year-old son.  He had Judy’s eyes, but the birthmark was from his father.  Oh, my.  Where could Katherine be?  The animals were all gone as well.  The connection had something to do with the animals.  Even with all the lights shining out on the grounds, there was too much shadow to distinguish what was what.  Why did she run?  She left the babies here.  Is she in the house waiting for the opportunity to grab the babies?  There was only one thing he could do.  Lock all the windows into the birthing room and sleep in there with Angela and the girls. I will call back up to patrol around the house and watch the monitors.  He was tired, but would he be able to sleep?

“Knock, Knock… Bruce, please I have to talk to you.  I must leave.  I have two babies at home that I must take care of.  I know you have a lot going on, but my babies are at my cabin with Becky alone.  Please, I need to make sure they are all right.”

The knock on the door startled Bruce awake.  He glanced at the clock.  It was midnight.  Oh, dear.  He had totally forgotten about Naomi and her children.  “Naomi. Let me get an officer to escort you home.  Please take your cell phone and let me know you are safe when you get there.  I might have him stay in the area just in case.  I won’t feel safe until we find Katherine.”

“Thank you.  I could not wait any longer. It has been so long, like all day, since I have seen my two little girls.”

“I understand.  I have an officer coming to the front porch.  Please, go with him.  I am so grateful you were here today.”

“Is everyone in here, okay?”

“Mother and babies are sleeping well.  I am afraid Daddy is a bit wired.  I think I am going to make myself some coffee and just work on the adrenaline I have going.”

“Sir, the officers already have several pots going in the kitchen.  I will be glad to have them bring you a cup.  Then you do not have to leave your post.”

“How thoughtful you are.  I would love that very much.  Just tell him to knock on the door with three raps, a pause, then three more raps.”

“Will do.  You ready, Mam?”

“Thank you, Officer.”  Naomi took the hand of the officer and let him guide her down the stairs to the kitchen.  Quick message delivery and they were off.  I hope you have boots.  This is a farm and besides, we must go by the pond to get to my cabin.  Sometimes there are snakes out there.  We have an owl out there and she pretty much takes care of he the snake population but sometimes one sneaks inside the perimeter.  I will be on the lookout.”

“You have two children here too?  This is going to be a wonderful place for children with special needs I hear.  Ms. Angela is very good with them.  My sister has down syndrome and Ms. Angela got her enrolled in some special glasses.  She even got into the Special Olympics.  She has become a good athlete.  Loves to run.  She is delightful.  They are so refreshingly honest and real.  I enjoy her company.  How old are your girls?  They are eighteen months.  Just before the twos.  I know within six months I will be chasing them all over the place.  I have decided cowbells would work as tracking devices.”

“You are funny.  My mom uses bracelets on their wrists and ankles.  They have computer chips in them, and mom can track them wherever they go from her cell phone.  It works.  You might want to try that route.”

“I will check that out.  How old is your sister?  She is twelve.  She and I are best friends.  I…

“We are here.”

“I hear a siren.  Where is it coming from?  Boy is it loud.”

“That is Tarzan.  He is an African Grey parrot that lives here.  Can you see him?”

“I am trying to follow the direction of the noise.  OMG, OMG.  IS THAT WOMAN DEAD?

“Becky, Becky… Naomi rushes towards her cabin.  It is locked up with all the lights out.  She hears crying inside.  With her heart beating so fast she is almost ready to pass out.  The officer uses his shoulder and finally shoves the door open. 

There is Becky bound and gagged, tied to the bed of her two babies.  Oscar is in a pillowcase that has a knot in it.  Loverboy has been tied to a post by the neck with his snout tied with a rope.  Hamstring has a broken leg from trying to free himself from his trap.  The donkeys have been tied hind end to hind end.  Everyone is bound, gagged, trapped, and hurt.  How, or what happened may never be known. 

Naomi starts getting everyone free.  Becky instantly runs towards the pantry in the kitchen.   The animals follow her.  “Go out that front door and fire off three shots in the air.  That is the signal that we have found something and for everyone to come now.”

“Yes, Mam.” 

Naomi started to cry when Becky pulled out the incubator that was still going in the pantry.  “When that Loverboy and Oscar chased that woman in here, they kept spitting at her and on her.  While she was trying to tie them up, I took this baby and hid him in here.  She got really angry, but I never would tell her where he was.  Then she started swelling up in the neck and finding it harder and harder to breathe.  I mentioned to her that if she would rest up in the tree that stretches out over the pond, she could see everything and be safe till she caught her breath.  I still had some of your baby’s bottle so I fed him when she left but I was so bound I could not get loose.  I tried to yell, but I could not yell loud enough.

Bruce and several other officers came up the path and stood there in awe of what they found. 

There was Katherine, in the pond, with her neck and eyes swollen shut.  I guess the peanuts Loverboy was spitting at her with finally took their toll.  I wonder why she did all this.  Why?

Naomi and the officer came out of the cabin.  Taylor had heard the siren and also joined the group.  He looked at this beautiful little person holding a tiny baby.

“Did you know my mother?”

“Is this your mother?”

“Yes, at least I have always called her that.  It turns out she is not my mother at all.”

“I am Becky.  I have lived here at this farm since I was five years old.  I start college next year.  I will be going on a forensic science scholarship thanks to Office Graham.”

“Really?  That is so cool.  You saved the baby.”

“I had to; it was the only thing to do. 

“Bruce scoops up his newborn son.  He and Tayler grin at each other.  I now have two sons and two daughters.  What you say we leave this mess for the coroner’s office to sort out.  We have some introductions to take care of right now.”

“Dad, did you know that I have all the encrypted information she left on my computer.”

“That will take years and a great deal of money, son. I guess we need to at least get it started and take it, one baby, at a time.  I have found two and they belong to me.  I am in awe of how all this turned out.

“This proves one thing for certain.  Karma works anonymously.  I wonder why she did not stand up.   It was only three feet of water.

“She could not see that in the dark and with all that peanut spit in her I am sure she was panicking.  I wonder if the allergy got her or the drowning?  It is simple.  Karma got her… anonymously.

“I also have all the money she has made over the last eighteen years to help undo the damage she has done.  How about a father and son detective agency?”

“Sounds like a winner to me.  However, your new mother had me promise to call it “The Funny Farm.”

Loverboy pushed his face down on Bruce’s shoulder.  He snuggled just a bit and gave the baby in his arms a tiny kiss on the cheek.  “Yep, this is the Funny Farm.  Come on Becky… you are one of the heroes today.”

“Oh, I would say Loverboy was.  He was the one who kept spitting all the peanut spit in her face. 

Some of it made it into her mouth.  I know she was covered in it.”

“I hope Becky doesn’t try and say her part was anonymous.  I know what it took for you to save my son’s life.  You are one of us now.  From the gleam in my other son’s eye, I would say you will be a member of the family before awfully long.

I guess all prayers have been answered anonymously.


© 2021 texasjane

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