My Frog and Me

My Frog and Me

A Story by texasjane

The search for a prince.

Another storm came through last night. No Internet. I hear hail hitting the windows. I guess I get to check the damage in the morning. The dogs are all hiding with their heads (only their heads) under the bed. The roar of thunder, a flash of lighting. The lights flicker. I think I will go check on the guests I brought in from yesterday's rain. I had a whole jar of tadpoles I found in a puddle in the backyard. I knew the puddle would not last with the dogs stomping all around so I scooped up the tadpoles. I knew more rain was coming … here it is as a matter of fact. When the pool of water is bigger in the backyard I will put them back out there. I discovered something. I found a giggle in my pocket I had not thought about in years.

It is always good to pull out a giggle when you need one. The news and problems all over world kind of had me weighed down. Then I found a giggle. Just what I needed. Hope you need it too.

I was almost seven years old. As usual grandmother started out our nap time with a story from a book. This particular story was about a prince that a wicked witch had turned into a frog. The only way the spell could be broken was for him to win a kiss from the girl he loved. All such stories must end in a happy ever after of course the girl kissed the frog and he turned into a prince. That got me to thinking. What would happen if you kissed the wrong frog? Would you have to marry a dentist that ate flies? Would you have to marry that frog? What if you kissed more than one frog? What if the frog turned out to be a frog after all?

These are all good questions. It all had to be tied up in a kiss. The solution or answer would be to gather as many frogs as you could find and kiss them all. Then you could just see what happens. You could not marry all of them and there might be a cowboy among them or even a real prince. A girl could only dream.

I had my jar and went out after a rain storm, just like the one last night, gather tadpoles from several puddles around the yard. I had them all in one jar. I found some dead flies that had been swatted (not by me). I put them in the jar. I watched as these tadpoles slowly got a little bigger. I kept my prize hidden as I assumed the grown ups would not understand the problem I would have in deciding which frog to marry. I was really hoping for a cowboy. I had kind of had my heart set on that. I would let the prince and any of the others go. I had decided I did not want to marry a prince. He would be so busy trying to become king. He would not have time to play with me. No, I had my heart set on a cowboy. Now, it stands to reason. If you want to marry a cowboy, you gotta kiss a bull frog.. Dah!

A little time passed but not before grandmother and I were spending a quiet afternoon out in the yard. I big bull frog came hopping by. My eyes got so big. I was so excited. I squealed, my sweetheart!! I tried to pick him up but he hopped right out of reach. Grandmother wanted me to leave the little frog alone. She said she wanted him eating the bugs that would bother her flowers. I sat back down and thought about it. I watched as the bull frog hopped away.

I acted as if I had forgotten about it. I watched the frog with quick glances. I heard him crock. Grandmother said he was call for a girl frog. I instantly jumped up and ran and picked up the frog. I kissed him right on the mouth. Yuk. It was slimy and wet. I petted his head and kissed him again. Grandmother asked, “What are you doing?”

“I am kissing this bull frog, so he can change into a man.” I was very positive about what I was saying. Grandmother tried to tell me... she actually said, “That is a fairy tale.” I put my hands on my hips and stuck my chin out. “I know that fairies do not have tails... they have wings.” Grandmother giggled. I let the frog go because I knew it took time for the change to occur. Grandmother tried to tell me the story she had read was just a made up story but I knew it had to be true. I had seen witches on Halloween. I knew they were real. I really had to think about giving out several of those wet slimy kisses though. I decided I would take my prize out with me and let them go. I would just marry what ever showed up. I just knew it was going to be a cowboy.

The next day after breakfast I ran out to the backyard and could not find a frog or anyone for that matter. As I was coming back to the back door my grandmother called me inside. It seemed another grandmother who lived down the street had her grand children for the day. I went into the living room and found the most adorable little cowboy you ever saw. He was a little shorter than me, with six guns and a cowboy hat. Just perfect. I grinned up at my grandmother and said, “Told ya.”  She rolled her eyes.  I know she was surprised.  I knew my cowboy was going to show up some how.  I just knew it.

We played for a while. My new friend was doing fine until he found out he used to be a frog. We sent him home in tears. He should not have told me he liked flies. I had to tell him why. He said he would never kiss another girl. Now, you must understand. There only time I kiss this guy was when he was a frog. I was glad I let the other tadpoles go. The thought of another slimy, wet kiss did not appeal to me. Why would I want another cryin' cowboy.  Yep, this was a tragedy for sure.  I decided then I would probably be an old maid after all. Grandmother said that was probably the first of many hearts I was going to break before it was over. She did not realize it was my heart that was broken.

© 2022 texasjane

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Added on January 27, 2022
Last Updated on January 27, 2022
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Hawkins, TX

I a retired Texas widow. I live alone with two dogs. I love to look for the humor in almost everything. I like to pass along a giggle when I can. Wisdom is also fun to pass along. I like to pro.. more..

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