Love is Something...

Love is Something...

A Poem by thisXgirlXcanXrawr(:

Love is something that cant be explained, When you love someone
They can make you feel whole,
Yet at the same time entirely worthless.

A boy truely loves a girl when
Her smile becomes his own
When it gets to the point that
They cant bear to be apart.
When you think of someone
As many times as you take in a breathe.

Love places you into a mode of insanity
Where you will do anything
To make this person happy.
No one else can understand
Why you do the things you do.
You become blinded by this love
But you dont really care,
Because its yours.

Love is always diffrent.
When your in love
It isnt a girl haveing to tell a boy
He is the only one she wants
Or that boy to tell her
She is his only.
They'll know.
In a silent moment
A thousand words can be spoken
When your in love.
Each second just means
That everything feels right.

A boy knows he is in love
When he can just appreciate
Every aspect of who she is.
Once she can accept him
As a person
There are no limits.

Love is when the littles things
Mean the world.
A call just to say
I love you,
I miss you.
You love someone when
They may not mean
Anything to anyone
But to you they become
Your everything.

It isnt about being held
And told that everything will be alright
When it wont.
Love is when your willing
To stay side by side
Through the worst and best days.
Real love is hard to find
But never impossible
Its about the cute things you'll do,
The words you say,
And the actions used to back them up.

Love is beautifull and
Love is blind.
Love is destructive as well as painful.
But no matter what that love will never die.

A boys eyes speak for him,
A girls smile for her.
She will say I love you while
Never speaking a word.
And this boy will
Put the universe in between the two
Just to prove he would walk
An eternity to see her smile.

Hearts travel from
Person to person in our lives,
Where you are born
Isnt where your heart is born,
Your heart is where you place it to be
And who you place it to be with.
That is where
True love will grow.

© 2010 thisXgirlXcanXrawr(:

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Added on December 10, 2010
Last Updated on December 10, 2010



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