Bitter Farewell

Bitter Farewell

A Poem by Austin Harvill

About three friends, two moved, the other hated me :( Obviously, not too happy :D


I will try to hide the pain, abstain from these tears. Cheers left my voice.
Choice was not my friend, depend on it I couldn't. Shouldn't I try to fix
what kicks at my conscience? Nonsense, I tell you. Who could be happy at
such a crappy time? Mine is the shame, mine is the blame. Came to a brutal
conclussion. Confusion is my neighbor, tapered is my soul. Dull and beat down.
No sound for the sadness. Bless my life, take my strife. A knife through my
heart is sharp as these weeks. Cheeks are downward, I feel like a coward.
Soured living for the now. How could I say that? Chat is my enemy. Pity me
no more, store your words and be silent. Don't relent with pain, I feel
insane to put labels and cut the friendship cables.

Stored words, she is silent.

Two more are gone, bon-bons for good-byes. Lies were never shared. Cared for
them I did. Bid them farewell, tell them "till later" Haters I was with one,
done were we together. Forever we wouldn't be friends. Then something changed.
Pain was lifted, gifted I became. Same with her I believe. Reprieve always
when we spoke. Jokes were abundant.

Haters were we, friends now I believe

Finally he departed, carted off to the states. Fates brought us as friends,
well it depends on us really. Chilly days with warm conversation. Contemplation
on our lives, dives into the unknown. I wish I could have shown how he helped,
how we yelped with laughter. After the fact I sat and wept. Kept him in mind.
Kind of hoping we meet again, my friend.

Fates, it depends. Meet again, my friend

This is my soul, written out on paper. Later I hope for better. Letters can not
describe how I truly feel. Peel back my thought. Caught at a bad time. Rhymes
are my escape.

This is my soul, caught at a bad time

© 2009 Austin Harvill

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Added on November 14, 2009


Austin Harvill
Austin Harvill

Ft. Leavenworth, KS

I am just here to do some writing! Was invited by a friend and so I hope everyone enjoys what I have. more..