Play Dead

Play Dead

A Poem by Austin Harvill

It's like...
Being a surburan-bourbon drinking white kid is less
fantantastic than the elastic band around your undies

I have never seen the suffering or the covering up of
some atrocity that would follow me and hollow out my

See, day and day bullets blaze down alleyways and
people lay for the last time. No rhyme could justify
this multiplying problem. No one can solve them. None
can resolve them or cause them to bend and break.
But here I am, writing anyways.

Trying to talk s**t that hits others' brothers and
sisters while this mister blisters his fingers with
what lingers in his mind's eye.

I could sit and wait to scrape another intorspective
and disected point of view, but its skewed and ruled
out by the shouts of oppressed ghosts.
How can I help you?

I speak of this madness that matches the sadness of
the masses that fastens their life vests and tests
the waters of the squaters and the homeless who roam
this land of demand that hands out none, yet guns are
common and bombin' each other's mothers and fathers
are farther from fiction then my diction might imply.
I ASK AGAIN... why?

I guess I will wait. Stake out a living and giving out
what they want to staunch the river of blood that
floods the field of sealed damnation. Can patience be
enough to snuff out the fire of dire human pain? Plain
as day, I spray words to curve your eyes to the guise
of humane treatment of the insane human psyche.

For now I imitate the dead-space of real life. I view
strife and knives through the backs of attackers and
defenders and the benders of reality. Now I see I will
never be close to the closed doors that scores against
the tents at the gates of heaven.
I can only Play Dead

© 2010 Austin Harvill

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Great flow, reminded me a lot of Saul Williams. The rhyme in tis is very nice, i read it out loud and it sounded great, kind of a tongue twister though :)
the last stance first line "For now i imitate the dead-space of real life" awesome!

Posted 13 Years Ago

wow i really like this
especially the 4th paragraph, i love the rhyming there

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on April 11, 2010
Last Updated on April 11, 2010


Austin Harvill
Austin Harvill

Ft. Leavenworth, KS

I am just here to do some writing! Was invited by a friend and so I hope everyone enjoys what I have. more..