A Poem by Casee

wrote this on March 26, 2020 at 2 ish in the morning


When you see me, 


I want you to touch me;

caress me;

f**k me.

Take my thoughts: 

My fears, 

My ambitions,

My dreams,

And wrap them around your waist.

Pin my demons against the wall,

And replace the hold they had on my neck 

With your hand, strong and willing.

Be gentle, as we move closer.


Brush the insecurities from my face, 

And pull out the one strand the way you like;

My crooked smile,

And my shaky, choppy breaths.

Peel my shirt from my pale skin,

Wet from the shower head above, 

And tears from the nights without you there.

Free me, 

A weight lifted.

Peel the lace that covers my heart away, 

Revealing what only beats for you, 

What you have defrosted.

Free me, 

A wall knocked down.

Peel the sorry excuse for underwear from my waist,

Revealing my scars, 

And all the things that haunt me,

Tracing them with your finger to remind me 

You are nothing like the rest.

Free me, 

A hoop jumped through.

Remove the rings off my fingers,

Delicate and kind, 

Like you treat my heart, 

Saving them from rust and damage,

Because you promise safety and comfort.

Kiss the tips of each of my fingers and my palm, 

Like the fresh beginnings with you, 

Like you kissed each tear away from my eye

when I spilled myself unto you,

As you wrap them around the back of your neck.

Hoist me higher so your end meets my beginning once more.

High and mighty like the baggage I carried, 

That you looked through, 

Omitting what I will never need to worry about again.

With your hand on the shower wall,

Keeping you steady and strong,

Although you remind me that any journey with me is easy.


Fill me, fully.

Push me to my ends, tugging on the stitches you made 

On my heart, my broken parts.

Give it to me happily, 

The happy I f̶i̶n̶a̶l̶l̶y always deserved.

Give it to me rough,

Rough like the days you know are behind me,

Rough like our future ahead, together,

Rough like your palms on my wrists like cuffs.

Give it to me passionately,

Passion like the first time you kissed me,

Passion like the last time we will ever kiss,

Passion like my love for literature, 

Like our love for being raw.

Give it to me fiercely,

Fierce like the nights you helped me slay the negativity,

Fierce like the tiger clawing at your back now,

Give it to me faster,

Fast like how we crumble until we are nothing

but glassy eyes and comfort food after a fight with ourselves.

Fast like time flies when I am with you.

Faster than your teeth and tongue teased my breast,

Because you like to play before dinner


A g a i n.

A G A I N.


I am the fool,

Because you left as soon as you came

- You may have seen me nude, but you will never see me naked again.

© 2020 Casee

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Very will done. I enjoyed this.

Posted 2 Days Ago

Some of my best self liked work of mine is done at that hour
This is a deep poem with lots of hidden meanings that only your Hidden memory will know
The climax sorry for the pun or the conclusion is right at last verse and beyond very clever write

Posted 2 Days Ago


2 Days Ago

thank you so much!!! and the pun made me giggle lol

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Added on March 26, 2020
Last Updated on March 26, 2020



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