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A Poem by thatemogirl16

Why cant people answer the most important questions in life but can answer the stupid ones? these are just my thoughts rambling on and on til i'm content

Many ways to end the pain
which one should i do?
swallowing pills?
pulling the trigger?
cut just a little too deep?
jumping off a building?

which one would you do?
life is full of questions, but we can never seem to answer the most important ones.
We can usually answer the easy "yes or no" questions,
but why can't we answer the ones that mean the most to us?

Do you want to fail that test?
Do you want a drink of water?

Should i run and run, over and over, til i fall so far down and not be able to get back up?
i don't know
Do you want to run away?
i don't know
Do you want to go to sleep and never wake up again?
i don't know

These are the questions many teenagers in high school are witnessing.
Maybe it's that one girl with bright red hair with teased hair and really dark makeup sitting in the corner with no friends, while listening to music to keep yourself company
Or maybe it's that quarterback on the football team feeling pressure from his parents to get that scholarship that only they want, not bothering what their own son wants
Or even maybe that very optimistic girl in every club and sport, talking, laughing, and interacting with everyone in her class.

Appearances are one of those questions that not everyone can answer.
Red hair girl wanted to express herself through her appearance, but no one seems to appreciate that
Mr. Quarterback is popular with the school, teammates, and friends, but he's not showing his true personality on the outside.
Little Miss Happy likes her fashion and no one seems to care, but she's not screaming, til the demons in her mind hush it for her to rest, in public

I know every teenager deals with these kinds of questions
Why can't we ask each other what we think on each other's part?
It would make it a lot easier to deal with life if you could get a glimpse of how other people view that question,
but we can't do that, can we.
God had to put us on the level to where we had to deal with this bullshit we humans call life.
Life's a b***h, and most people agree with that statement.

Will there be a time when no one has to deal with questions that we can't answer ourselves?
It's possible, but i highly doubt it, and no one can change that, because
i answered my own damn question

© 2014 thatemogirl16

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Still answering mine, lol.
This is very thought provoking.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 4, 2014
Last Updated on April 8, 2014
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