Get the Picture?

Get the Picture?

A Poem by thatemogirl16

When I cry in my room everyday,
it's from everything.
From the sky being grey
to the demons controlling my life.

It may be easy to trap the demons
but not to keep them silenced.
They have their reasons
to make me feel like this.

Want to know that reason?
It's very simple actually.
Since I locked them up in prison,
they have to do something to make the officer on guard miserable.

This girl has friends and a family,
and may show a smile and laugh everyday, 
but sits in a corner in her mind momentarily
while she tries to hush the painful wording mouths.

She wishes she could just kill the beasts,
but the only way to do that is to commit suicide.
As she thought, the volume increased.
The louder they are, the harder she clenches her head.

Sitting in a corner of a white. blank room, 
wishing the demons would drown her already,
something engulfs her like a cocoon.
It was dark, and it was cold.

"Where are you?"
I knew that voice, but it couldn't be.
Was he here to the rescue?
No, why would he be?

No one this dark and cold could save me.
I thought and thought.
No one can save me from the debris.
No one can understand me.

I simply wanted a glimps of him
to see the truth,
but it was too dim.
All i could see is a translucent figure.

I somehow made out the face of the figure.
This couldn't be, not him.
I don't understand.
How did he find me?

He silenced the demons as if it was magic.
How could that be?
The visuals were traumatic.
Why does he have to be here now?

I realized the truth, 
and it's a very ugly truth.
It explains the bruise.
Not the bruise, but the physical compassion.

How do you think i got this "bruise?"
This person is abusive,
and I am his prey.
Do you want to guess who he is?

The boss of my demons,
the abuser,
the figure that had a dark and cold appearance.
He can follow you wherever and whenever he wants.

Get the picture?

Liar Of Valuable Everythings

© 2016 thatemogirl16

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Author's Note

The ending is probably not good at all. I was up late writing this, so be as harsh as you want if you want to help improve it. I would dearly appreciate it XD

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How do you write such good poems? Do you have any tips or anything?

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on June 18, 2014
Last Updated on May 21, 2016
Tags: love, dark, cold, demons



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