Think Before You Speak

Think Before You Speak

A Poem by thatemogirl16

The liquid from inside is seeping through

The gashes on her left forearm she made will soon turn into scars, or her life.

Lying in the bathtub,

Not being able to take it anymore,

Believing she can end every single drop

Of sadness,

Single drop of pain,

Single drop of her personality no one seems to appreciate.

She was just trying to be herself,

But I guess that comes with a price in this world.

Now, she is marking herself with uniqueness,

Or as others call it

Ugliness or “emo.”

He was suffering as well,

The same as her coincidently.

The only difference is that he was lying in his room, on the carpet,

Listening to music loud enough

To where you cannot hear him scream at the top of his lungs,

As if nothing’s coming out.

The blade of a pencil sharpener can do so much

Can replace your mental pain with physical pain

May feel good at times

Like an anorexic eating normally again,

A depression victim collecting up happiness as if it was as easy as pie,

An anxiety patient not worrying about their body, school, or anything going on in their life.

Everything that can feel like you have a good grasp on

Can slip right through your fingers,

As if it had never been there in the first place.

And what is the cause of all of these mental illnesses and scars?

The world, society, people, expectations

You may have said something that you didn’t mean,

But it meant so much to them that they will take their own life,

Because of you.

Because of your voice taunting her,

She envisaged her future as the titanic sinking and never being discovered.

Because of your need to make him feel a “bad” different,

He would go home and cry alone for hours every day.

Because of your rumors,

She wondered why she was even put on this planet with people to taunt her.

Because of you,

Life to Dylan and Meygahne needed to end.

I bet you didn’t know their names, did you?

Their names are beautiful and unique.

Well, at least they were.

That’s why their parents chose them

To show the world that they love their children

With these unique names,

With the time and effort the parents of Dylan and Meygahne put into,

To choose on the single name that they loved

For the one they cared for most.

Just stop, halt, freeze, pause, anything

And think.

You could be in this position if you hadn’t made any friends,

Or no one to care enough to ask what’s wrong,

Or even say, “Hello. What’s your name?”

You could have said this simple greeting

And none of this would’ve happened.

Don’t be the one who causes society to be like this.

Don’t be the one who causes the ugly scars on the best people you may ever meet.

Don’t make them think that they have no future or happy life ahead of them.

Don’t be the monster that kills everyone’s dreams.

Don’t be the one to cause uniqueness to be rare.

Don’t be the one who can’t let others speak their mind without being shunned.

Don’t be the one who makes them feel missing and unwanted.

Don’t be the one who begins the cycle of gossip and rumor and lies because you “were bored.”

Be the one who can become friends with them.

Be the one who they can hang out with.

Be the one who they care about the most.

Be the friend who asks what’s wrong.

Be the one who stops the lies you or someone else created to hurt others.

Think before you speak.

© 2016 thatemogirl16

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Added on May 21, 2016
Last Updated on May 21, 2016
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