Poor Edward

Poor Edward

A Story by Nathan Strange

Based on a true story!


I heard this story the other day, you have got to hear this, I’ll lay it out for you how I heard it. In 19th century England lived this young fellow named Edward Mordake, this is a factual story by the way taken from historic documents! Anyway, he was born to a well off family, high status people, however, he was also born with the worse deformity known to man (which I will get to in a minute). Anyway, he was gifted in the arts, and with music, a remarkable and profound scholar, he was, he was intelligent, articulate.
He was even said to be a handsome young man too, graceful and charming in his ways…
However, this man, this poor young man, his deformity was worse than any disease or cancer known to man.
It was on the back of his head where this deformity was. Believe it or not and you don’t have to believe me, but on the back of his head was another face, the face of a beautiful young girl. Yes, a real living girl 'lovely as a dream, hideous as the devil'. It was a strange mask like face which was moulded into his skull. However, this face did not speak, but it did show signs of malignant intelligence. Apparently it was said to have been able to laugh and cry, it could not speak but had eyes would follow about visitors in the room.
This strange face would freak people out when he turned around. Once he went to get some biscuits out from the biscuit tin and the face was said to gibber at the family butler.
At night he couldn’t sleep because of the soft evil whispers Edward swore he heard when he was in bed. He would toss and turn all night long trying to ignore the strange mutterings that you would only hear in hell.
Every night he was haunted by this so called ‘devil twin’ and she wanted him dead, she hated him. Could it have been for something he did to her in a previous life? He did not know, he knew that life was not worth living, nobody could hang out with him. He could not be taken seriously in public and only had to turn around to get a laugh, so he had to wear a hat, he wore a hat everywhere he went. However, as people got to know him and his strange devil twin, he went out less and less until it got to the point where he refused to see his family and closest friends and locked himself his room for the rest of his life, he just couldn’t handle social situations, he was too embarrassed and self-conscious.
In his early 20s he killed himself, which is understandable, as I probably would’ve done the same if I had another face on the back of my head. Poor Edward, he could not take it, and it’s no surprising, the woman drove him to him mad with her whispers at night. He left a note for his family telling them to burn the face of the girl so it wouldn’t torment him when he was in his grave.
I heard a song about this guy as well it’s called ‘Poor Edward’, it’s very depressing but there’s a good video for it on Youtube. Anyway, I better get some sleep, I just hope the voices of poor Edward's 'devil twin' do not haunt me tonight!

© 2009 Nathan Strange

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God rest your soul, Nathan Strange.

with deepest sadness

Tai x

Posted 9 Years Ago

good story ..

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ah, Poor Edward; no way! You wrote the story well, but geez!! Where do you read this stuff about Poor Edward and Goldfish Brain Experiments?! Anyway, keep the stories coming, because I do enjoy reading them.

Posted 11 Years Ago

that's totally bizarre, interesting piece of writing and, yes, I'm looking for inspiration!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Nathan Strange
Nathan Strange

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