A Poem by ganastasia

This is the 2nd part to fire fight.


Another appropriation pushed
toward the living burning hell
everywhere I tread
decaying burning soul's I smell
there needs to be guide lines
that will start new soul's
pushed toward the light
so we could have more christen soldiers
to indulge the fire fight
we are not inside heaven's gate
or the garden of eve or Shangri la
were in the prince of darkness domain
god need help us all
there must be laws that designate
new soul's start toward the light
so we would have more soldiers
to indulge the fire fight
it must be our every day endeavor
to make every ready the way
so to you once more as before
get on with it, John I say
he and his army are among you
he didn't leave you alone
tired of losing any souls
wants you all to come back home
we must stand together
christen solider
direct them all on the path
that is right
the one that goes to the truth
and straight into the light
Satan never subsides
busy 24 hours a day
the living burning hell with its
decaying smell
Satan calls you to come that way
what you ingest
and in your thoughts
and what you hear
through stain glass darkly, eyes that see
Satan tells you it's just the changing times
but in the living burning hell is he
so stand together we must
push them toward the light
every day in every way
we must indulge the fire fight
even the royal house
has paid to far a price
no wonder in the fire fight
turns harts as cold as ice
it's been said the world is a stage
and all must play a part
souls are born from the light
and flushed into the dark
now upon our journey
burn a candle to find our way
that we may live and we may give
the fire fight another day.

Written by The Lightman George Garrett Anastasia

© 2009 ganastasia

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Added on October 20, 2009



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A Story by ganastasia