A Poem by ganastasia

This is about the life of the Lightman. He came to me when I was just a teenage, and went inside of me after he told me we had buisness to do.


                                It rained for forty nights

                               And rained for forty days


                               And everything in its path

                               The water washed away


                               Then the fish came down the chimney

                               And watching my TV


                               Said son you better move on out

                               This place belongs to me


                               So I climbed up on the rooftop

                               And shimmed up a tree


                               I hug on to the tip top

                               That water ain’t getting me


                               The wind started blowing

                               And that tree started to shake


                               I thought me and the reaper

                              Hooked up for a date


                              The water keep arising

                              And I got really scared


                             When I ran out of the tree to climb

                              I climbed right up the air



                              I bumped into an angel

                              He said how do you do


                              I said angle you better get out of my way

                             Or I’ll run right over you


                             Cause that water’s getting higher

                             And it washed away my sin


                             And if I can get to the highest ground

                              I know that I can win


                              So I started up the mountain

                             Climbed over a boulder rock

                             Continued on my run


                            I heard a voice coming from the light


                             Open up

                              Let him in

                              He is my son


                              So I went in and sat down

                              Someone handed me a plate


                              He said

                              I been waiting for you son

                             And you’re not a minute late


                             So eat and drink and I’ll tell you

                             What is on my mind


                             The army is gathering

                             They’re all standing in a line


                             All the men of all the world

                             Are running out of time


                             They call it Armageddon!

                             The end is getting near


                             And there won’t be many left

                             My son

                             This my greatest fear


                             And after all destruction

                             Take this fiery chariot of light


                             Lay hands upon the rock of the dome

                             Set eye's upon the east


                              And kill the horrid beast


                              And with all the love

                              And all the power

                              Restore a thousand years

                             Of peace



                                     The Lightman,


                        GEORGE GARRETT ANASTASIA


© 2010 ganastasia

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A powerful poem. World seem to be heading on a bad road. I like the story and the wisdom in the final lines in the poem. A excellent poem.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on January 20, 2010
Last Updated on January 20, 2010
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A Story by ganastasia