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A Story by AF

A little something I have always wondered… How did life come to be (from a scientific, NOT religious, point of view)?


If everything has to have a beginning, how did life begin?  Our Earth is part of the well known solar system where eight identified planets orbit the sun.  This solar system combines with many other solar systems to create the Local Group.  The Local Group joins with numerous similar groups to create the Milky Way galaxy.  Combined with millions upon billions of other galaxies, it creates the Cosmos: anything and everything we know exists to the farthest reaches of infinity.  The creation of such a vast area is certainly gradual, but it had to start somewhere.  The question is where?

Could it be that until the Cosmos was born, infinity was a blank page of nothingness?  That does not seem possible, for it is highly unlikely that all of a sudden there was a loud BOOM, and like ink, stardust and light spread as far as they could go.  But how far is as far as they could go?  Does the Cosmos just keep going and going with no end?  Could it be that parts of the universe have not even been created yet?  Are they still just blank pages of nothingness?  How do we grasp this concept of nothing?  Nothing could have quite different meanings from person to person.  Line twenty people up in a room, and ask everyone what they think of when they hear that word.  To me, it is this spark of thought, blur of everything in creation, but nothing has yet formed.  It is the inside of clear glass.  Most look right through that glass and fail to notice that, though it is clear, there is still something there.  Move two people to write and ask the same question.  They say it is a state of openness, a state when anything can happen, a state when the tiniest variables can shape appearance or mindset.  Ask the shy one in the corner, and they say, “Nothing.”  That is the simplest answer out there.  Nothing is nothing, and it ends there.

Since an answer to this question of how the Cosmos came to be seems far fetched and unlikely, we turn to a similar wondering on a smaller scale.  How did the first humans come to existence?  There are many theories saying humans evolved from monkeys.  Then how did the first monkeys survive?  Which came first: the chicken or the egg?  Genetically speaking, a chicken would have to hatch from an egg.  Then it would develop from a tiny chick to a matured bird.  Unfortunately, the laws of reproduction and growth argue with genetics.  In order to produce the egg, there has to be a matured chicken.  Life could not have started with a grown monkey.  The monkey had to have developed from a little baby, yet even if it had just been plopped out of thin air as a little monkey, it could not have developed on its own.  The monkey would need older monkeys to rely on and help it develop.  Then how did it develop into a man?  Since many human characteristics can in no way be found in monkeys, there would be no path to guide the way.  Plus, monkeys mate with monkeys, so how could they just all of a sudden create new monkeys that happen to have human qualities?  The answer would be just in reach if we could time travel back to beginning of life.  Although even then we would run into problems, for we have no certain answer for when the beginning of life was.  It would be like turning to the table of contexts in a book and seeing that it starts locating sections on chapter two.  The first chapter remains in a vague and unknown section that we must struggle to search for.

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Author's Note

Probably a bunch of typos, but this was a quick "I need to get this out of my head" writing piece. I do that sometimes… :) This is less for reviews, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this open ended topic!

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awesome stuff man! I think its all about choosing a magnification. are you looking at the universe or are you looking at many galaxies? Are you looking at a human being or are you looking at a vast composition of blood cells, DNA and H2O molecules? You may spiral infinitely down the rabbit whole both ways. Continuously multiply by two or continuously multiply by one half and you wont reach an end. EVER!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on June 3, 2014
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