The World Through a Child's Eyes

The World Through a Child's Eyes

A Poem by AF

This my idea of how a child would see the world.







The buzz of media,

The opinions of friends,

The secrecy that divides.


It swarms like a bee,

Buzzing through the tree.

It presses down like cuffs,

Pushing me to the ground.







“Not this time,”

“You have more to do,”

“Pick a side.”


The influences pile and pile,

So where do I stand?


I want my own opinions,

My own view of life.

Let all the ideas circulate

And form a new thought.


Why is life not fair?

Why don’t all innocent survive?

Why can’t peace prevail?


You give me answers,

Worthless answers,

Answers that leave me to ponder and hate,

Answers that aren’t really answers,

But the society makes do. 


I have answers.

Why do others not see?

I am only one small voice,

So no one listens to me.


The world is progressing faster than I.


Keep up!

But how do I try?


You say you will prepare me.

You made that promise long ago.

A promise to child

Does not go far, though.



I will be thrown to a pack of wolves.

I will be eaten alive by sharks.

I will be forever alone,

Away from the friends with whom I have grown.


How can I survive?


Adults make it seem effortless.

They do not worry of the tasks I fear most.

Will I be them one day?

Will my shoes be filled by another,

Thinking the same way?


Through the retina is a large and scary world.

Colors and pixels form images every day.


Someday I will stand firmly on the ground.

Someday this world will not seem so strange.

And someday I will be ready for all this change.

© 2014 AF

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Favorite line: worthless answers, and the concept it belongs to.

I suggest a clearer organization. The topic shifts, which is good - but I almost felt like you pushed three poems of similar topics next to each other.

Strong concept. Very readable, concise lines.

Well written :)

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you! This review was so on point. It is pretty disorganized, but I wasn't really going for th.. read more
It is too good and expressive.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on June 6, 2014
Last Updated on June 6, 2014
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