A Poem by thecoolone52

this is one of those tricky poems. If you figure it out then write it in the review... it has a secret meaning i hope you pick up on that



I see cigarettes walking around the block
The 72’s short and sturdy with confidence
The menthols, paper loose hanging low 
Always ready to give you that minty but satisfying taste
Light 100’s annoying
Always stay around way to long
Putting them out however is a sin
Which results in poor judgment
There is always that one cigarette
That spews more arsenic and rat poisoning
Then most nicotine sticks
Wrapped in a nice silver and green box
Until you open the cardboard
And realize you got your self into something
That was just for the flashy packaging
A perfect cigarette white the whole way across
The filling perfect in the most slender kind of way
The tobacco just absolutely satisfying
Mentally physically and spiritually
A parliament light if I want to get
Politically correct
The recessed filter hides the shame inside
Finding the perfect cigarette you bust out the
Bic motorcycle lighter.
In an endless addiction you try to
Flame up your f*g
But for some UN godly reason
It refuses to join you in harmony
In a madness of rage you accidentally snap
Your parliament in your hand
Leaving you unsatisfied and miserable! 

© 2008 thecoolone52

Author's Note

hollllla at your boy

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Christ, you've made me want a f*g and I haven't smoked for 9 months!! Bah!

Great piece, though.
"Wrapped in a nice silver and green box Until you open the cardboard And realize you got your self into something That was just for the flashy packaging" I loved that part! Reminds me of a nasty brand I used to smoke...

As for the hidden meaning... I kind of have an idea, but I'm probably wrong! I usually am! My own interpretation is normally way off centre.

But, like I said, this was a great piece!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Ah, cigarettes. Where would our metaphoric genius come from without such deadly best friends co-existing with our lives? Great poem, I woulda used a Zippo to light her up though ;)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Interesting use of cigarettes as metaphor! Some good imagery here, very descriptive! Conveying thoughts about women is what instantly came to mind, though I was a bit thrown by the last couple of lines! Then, it your hand, but, I doubt that a bit, so maybe I am wrong about the women?? I still think it's a great metaphor for women or people, in general! Barbara eyepoetress

Posted 12 Years Ago

such a nice poem abut cigarettes , i preffer camel lights or marlbros

Posted 13 Years Ago

wow thats sooo cool!!!! :)
i love it ^_^

Posted 13 Years Ago

this was very interesting
i see a metaphor of a corporate like world
suit and ties
the american image
maybe i am wrong
but i enjoyed this piece anyways
nice work
thank you for entering my contest

Posted 13 Years Ago

Reminds me of my grandfather. He smoked Parliament and he seemed to hate them but never switched. Thanks for the memory.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I know the cigs that you speak of, the horrible ones, made from the floor scrapings. Sure way to make anyone quit, smoke enough of them!!! Nice flow. Interesting topic you chose to write about. I sense an intriguing mind.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Good poem that leaves others to see as they wanna see.. I see this not about cigarettes, but that of everyone walking about dressed in the same suits and ties , going to work at the same time and performing functions like hamsters on treadmills, all uniform and correct but waiting to be burned by societies moguls, but if you're the one in a thousand who dares to confront society with a different viewpoint, although you may dressed in the same vogue as your neighour, then your gonna be looked at with suspicion, and pushed and pulled until you conform and lie broken, like everyone else who works for the mortgage and family... yet your ideals will stay forever true at the front of your mind, ...until tomorrows rat race begins again.

Living ..beyond the beat!

Posted 13 Years Ago

parliament yucchh lol i like captain black little cherry good write and i can see your passion for the vice

Posted 13 Years Ago

I was thinking you were talking about some women I've known. I liked the piece. Now Pcchampions sound awesome, plus bring on St Pierre, and my cat Randy " The Natural". Boxings dead..Ooops, your piece..whatever your intent, I liked it. Rain..

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Mech., PA

I like to write fiction. It has to be bizzare and orginal or its basically worthless to me. Cause if you write what someone else wrote then whats the point of writing at all? My gramar blows big donke.. more..


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