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In the Valley

In the Valley

A Story by Kevin R Schmidt

A surrealistic journey.


I was alone in Napa Valley and looked to the full moon. The light shone down on my face as a Prince in the royal palace of Pharaoh Hatshetsup, the greatest pharaoh of Egypt. I walked behind her as she led the procession of the River Festival. I assisted Pharaoh Hatshetsup as she made offerings to Horus, Nit, and all the gods and goddesses at the dedication of her temple el-Bahi. I stood beside the Pharaoh Hatshetsup as she presided over Egypt as Priestess of all Priestesses and Priest and Temples while the priest and male heirs of the royal family believed it was blasphemous a woman assumed the role of Pharaoh.


Pharaoh Hatshetsup poured the sacred libations during the blessing of my bride, Princess Ankhesenamun. We lived together in peace for twenty years under the reign of Pharaoh Hatshetsup. We saw great temples built and many advances in the arts and sciences. One day the Pharaoh Hatshetsup descended to Tuat and the Twelve Hours of the Night began. I presided over the sacred ritual of the Opening of the Mouth. I followed my Pharaoh's sarcophagus to its final resting place and sealed her tomb in the Valley of the Kings.


The Princess Ankhesenamun and I lived long enough to see Pharaoh Akhenaten desecrate Pharaoh Hatshetsup's temple, strike her image and name from all temple walls and statues. One day, my Princess Ankhesenamun also journeyed to Tuat. But now I am an old man, a Prince of Egypt, and have seen many things during my life. And at night, the full moon shone down on my face in the Valley of the Dreamers.

© 2009 Kevin R Schmidt

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I am going to be reflecting on this tale for awhile. I am intrigued by the imagery and duality. Part dream, and previous life remembered. I love the idea of old souls....
keep up the good work. I think you could expand this into a longer tale, with more details of the people and surroundings, but great job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on July 3, 2009
Last Updated on July 3, 2009


Kevin R Schmidt
Kevin R Schmidt

Walnut Creek, CA

And now you find yourself sitting in the center of a room, on a wooden floor, in the lotus position. Exotic music with an oboe and a 4/4 beat of cymbals is playing at a very low volume. When you opene.. more..