A Story by Kristen

I never wanted to be anything but normal. Not extravegant, not a genius; nothing. I just wanted to be the average old teenage girl from a small Midwest town. But no. That's not how life works, is it? You get put on this roller coaster and you're forced to experience things that they don't teach you how to deal with back in school. Heartbreak and depression were never on my 'To Do' list. I don't think they're on anyone's though. 


I was never one to stick out in a crowd, and I didn't really mind. I mean, who was I to disturb the universe? Did I dare? Of course not. Because I was average. I just wanted to eat pizza and blare The Beatles as I drove by. I wanted to go to prom with my best guy friend and remind him why he fell in love with me. Why does it become more complicated than that? Life just needed to be a simple tune. I want to hold your hand. Boom. End of story.


But no. Life's not simple. Otherwise, why would we be alive?

© 2012 Kristen

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Added on March 16, 2012
Last Updated on March 16, 2012



Middlebury, IN

Ohai. x) I'm Kristen. I'm in high school. I like Harry Potter, obviously. Proud Slytherin right here. I have an obsession with Dramione and Drarry. But I'll basically read any pairing. :) more..

Yeah. Yeah.

A Story by Kristen

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A Story by Kristen