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My Advice

A Poem by Mark Anthony Games (Human Voice)
" (Vlogs & Performance Poetry) (Short films based on my poetry)


Come sit with me a while
Dare you share your pain

You can cry your life away

Or you can take a risk and let go


Don’t trust in me, trust in yourself

I can never and will never make you promises

To long we have allowed ourselves to be held captive

Stuck in the obligations and expectations of others


How long before you see the past has gone

Learn and accept the lessons, move on and evolve

You could be anything you choose

So make the choice and start living


I can tell you that nothing will change

Unless you give your consent and put the change in motion

Don’t keep holding on to the past

Just to justify your pain and gain attention


Don’t you see that the only thing worse

Than a bad past is holding on to the pain

Forcing your self to relive it everyday

As though you want to feed your fears


The people have gone

They can no loner inflict pain upon you

So why is it still raining

Only you can answer this


No man is their brother’s keeper

We are the keepers of ourselves

You can hold your self a prisoner

Or you can give your self forgiveness and freedom


I can promise this

Nothing will change

Unless you put the change in motion

Is the attention from sympathy all you crave


Never do we see our own beauty

Never can we believe in our blessings

Unless someone else blesses them first

You must learn to believe in yourself


Ask yourself all about you

Who are you living your life for

Are you being yourself or someone you think you should be

What do you want from this life

Come sit with me a while

Come share your pain

You can cry your life away

Or you can take a risk and let go

© 2013 Mark Anthony Games (Human Voice)

Author's Note

Mark Anthony Games (Human Voice)
Written 2004

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this is really freaking awesome!!!!! I especially love the bit about not holding onto the past because when people do that...I dunno how to really describe's just no good and it messed with your head.

ps- im glad youre back on here and whatnot lol send me a message sometime, will yah? :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Take that risk, get over feeling sorry for yourself and just jump, let go and live.
Scary but so damn worth it.
Another wonderful write Sir :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on May 11, 2013
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Mark Anthony Games (Human Voice)
Mark Anthony Games (Human Voice)

Worcester, United Kingdom

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