An Exciting New Trick

An Exciting New Trick

A Chapter by Ashe Conten

I pounded on the door and shrieked, "No! I'm sorry! Please, no, I'm sorry..." my voice trembled and faded as tears ran down my cheek. I reluctantly turned my attention to her top hat, sitting upright on my desk. After a mere blink, only a split second in a universe of infinite billions of seconds, my mother sat in my desk chair. 
"Oh, you must be scared. Come, it's alright." her voice was so soft, so comforting, that I did not question the immediate instinct as a hurt abandoned child running to the very person who brought me into this world for protection and comfort.
I ran to her and she cradled me like I always wished she would, yet in my youth she never did. Now, for a moment, I felt the warm affection from the hug of my mother. 

It was the shortest moment of my life. I only felt warmth for a few seconds, then her fingers turned to knives. I screamed as she dug into my back, I writhed but her arms were much stronger than they looked. She moved her fingers along my back in what felt like letters, and I could feel the blood run down my back.
"You. Left. Me." She said through clenched teeth.
I tried to speak between sobs, bit it was difficult as I gasped for air "I-I'm sorry, please, m-mom"
"Do not call me that!" she shouted. "I am your mother, you fat, ugly, unworthy-"

And then she was gone. I balled up on the floor barely able to breathe, my chest rising and falling frantically as I repeatedly failed to regain a state of functionality. I was what I can only describe as a hot mess. After a few moments of falling apart on my bedroom floor, my magician re-entered.
"That was a new one."
I continued to sob uncontrollably on the floor. Soon the state of panic lost a touch of it's intensity, and I started to calm down.
"A brand new trick, just for you."
All the tears and loss of breath started up again, I lost all control once again.

© 2017 Ashe Conten

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Wow, you really should try to get rid of The Magician.
The writing style is wonderful. The language is great. Try and write something comic too, trust me, even if it's not good, it's a great refreshment from all the deep, dark stuff.
And more than anything, please, if you're experiencing this right now, please, please, do something about it. Get help. Anything.
Keep writing what you're writing.


Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on March 16, 2017
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Ashe Conten
Ashe Conten

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