Unsent letter to an Unseen friend

Unsent letter to an Unseen friend

A Story by Ashe Conten

Dear Mindreader,
I stared at the blinking cursor for ages, there are so many things I want to tell you. I suppose... I just didn't know where to start. 
How much of our relationship shall I tell the world? I did not include your name because we both know the importance in disclosing a name, especially in the time in which we were born. I know you were never one for public exposure, but I assure you that the people reading this will never imagine your face as it really is, they will never know your mind as I do. How could they? I refuse to allow it.
I will though say that I deeply miss you. I will tell them that I love you, in a fashion that is far from intimate. While I do not mean to say that you are physically unattractive, you know far too much about me I know far too much about you to ever achieve a state of courtship. Companionship is more than enough for me, and I suspect you feel the same way. 
If you were next to me, the first thing I'd think to say is thank you. I wouldn't be here if your memory wasn't behind my eyes and I often remember the time you told me that "broken crayons still color." I must say, my friend, we make one hell of a masterpiece.
Hopefully, it will ease your conscience to know that most of the people that "view" my writing will read the first sentence and move on. This isn't the most exciting piece of writing I've written, and surely not the best.
That is what you deserve.
The best.
Remember my name, 
-The Illutionist 

© 2017 Ashe Conten

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This is a very enigmatic bit of writing. It is a very touching tale of a relationship but then a puzzling need to communicate it with others. What is exactly going on? It works well with the question unanswered.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is... amazing! Beautiful, engaging, emotional, powerful! It has everything a reader would desire!
Great job!
There are just little mistakes, like capitals, a bit of grammar, but that's all.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on March 17, 2017
Last Updated on March 27, 2017


Ashe Conten
Ashe Conten

Atlanta, GA

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