something from me

something from me

A Story by Contessa

Once, a while ago, someone who was in love with me asked me to say something. "I want to hear something from you." I loved her, so I wrote. Spilled my heart. Or my mind rather. Enjoy.


So we sit in tandem. In limbo or tangency. Either way touching the edge. Electron to electron, how close can we get to contact? And what happens then? Do we feel skin, for the first time? Fitting, don’t you think, in a world of cobblestone streets and crookedly straight teeth. Of cherry lips and rosebud nips. A p***y like the opened rose, raw with human honey. Fitting that it’s us. Perhaps. Fitting us we fit together. My chin in your shoulder, your hand undermyshirtupmyback. Snap. Fit together like your legs huddling my hips(?) waist/. Do we then pull these tongues to our own ripe cherries. To swap spit to or just say hello. Hello. Or do we read brail in acne and hear secret messages in the smacking of gum. a stubby pencil crinkly paper on across the math room. Smarter than me. You are smarter than me. Across the table to across a simple field of electrons. We gained closer. We gained less space. Lost more. Now your stomach against mine do we feel skin or do we feel love or do we feel the knot tie and untie when your subatomic parts bury themselves in. me. Do we dance in trees

Do we dance

In lights and sound

Or do we dance


Our points

Misspelled as paints/

Paint me, babe

Paint me in my horrific glory

Put these satiny burns to canvas and this ragged hair in oils. Put my ribs under my breasts under my rosebudnipples. Show me you see beauty in this rugged skeleton. If my goosebumps rise and fall for hours

will you put your body behind my shutterclickflash

let me put a chocolate heart between your lips

only to take it back with my teeth,,

tainted with the pretty watercolours of youyou

because it tastes better now that your cherry mouth h

as tugged at mine


will you slam me into that wall to break my xylophone ribs

so that I might pick your flower

and you would kiss the bruise

on my shoulder bladeknife.?

© 2017 Contessa

Author's Note

this is real weird. keep in mind all mistakes are intentional. drop a review if you feel like it!

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Added on July 4, 2017
Last Updated on July 4, 2017



Seattle, WA

A hopeless romantic. A flash-fiction/super super short story lover. Yes, I'm gay. more..

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