Letter 17: 1.859 - The Conclusion

Letter 17: 1.859 - The Conclusion

A Chapter by The Joshua Letters



I stated in the previous entry that I would herein conclude these letters, and so I shall. There is certainly more that could be discussed in relation to these things and there are many questions that could be asked and addressed, but what I have written here is enough to set the reader on a path to find whatever else they may be seeking for if they will search. Thus, I will cover only a few more points before closing.

Let me start with the overshadowing question, “What difference does all of this information make anyway?” I have proposed in these letters that Matter is not comprised of anything solid or tangible, but it is rather something that we (as Intelligences) experience intellectually as it is presented unto us by God and the other Intelligences in such a manner that it seems to us that we are tangible beings living on a tangible world surrounded by a tangible universe. But, what difference does this knowledge make? Where does it get us? At the end of the day, doesn’t it boil down to, “So What?”

If God’s presentation of tangibility to our Intelligence is so perfect that we have no way of experiencing anything other than tangibility, then isn’t everything actually tangible? Well, I guess so, but understanding how the experience of tangibility comes to us holds keys that can make a great difference in our lives.


Let me once again summarize the points we have covered in these letters before I venture into my summary:

1.    There is a God.

2.    We are his children and are therefore young Gods who haven’t grown up yet.

3.    He wants us to learn how to develop and utilize faith to accomplish things in our lives.

4.    In order to create an environment where faith could be learned and practiced, he created the Universe and Earth around us in such a manner that it could be equally argued that he does exist and does not exist and correspondingly that he did and did not create it.

5.    He created all things by organizing the other existing Intelligences (he himself being the most intelligent of them all).

6.    The Intelligences are 100% consciously connected and not only to each other and to God but to us as well (for we are also Intelligences), and they react to our thoughts, feelings and intentions.


Now, ask yourself again, “What difference can this make?” The answer requires asking one more question, “What do you want to become and/or accomplish in your life?” Who you are, what you accomplish, and ultimately who you become are things that are directly connected to these principles, and the proof lies with God himself.

God is God because he is intelligent enough to be God. He is intelligent enough to have learned, comprehended and utilized all truth, and the truth lead him to see that in order to bring himself and every other Intelligence out of darkness and into a perfection of light, beauty and peace, he had to create. How did he create? By organizing what already existed. What existed? Intelligences. How did he organize and create using the Intelligences? He instructed them, giving them laws to govern their existence and their behavior. What gave him the right and/or ability to do this? Well, this brings us to they key principle that was brought up via question from Michael.C.M. in the question/answer session… Love.

God truly loves and wants the best for every Intelligence, and over time, he proves it to them. He does this in order to first gain their trust, but ultimately he must gain more than this. He has to gain their love and adoration so that they want to obey him of their own free will. This is what makes everything possible for God. He loves all creation and all creation loves him and together they operate in a perfection of existence. Whatever God asks of the Intelligences, they willingly obey, organizing and/or reorganizing themselves accordingly.

Can water become wine in an instant? Can an ocean or a river divide, allowing people to walk through on dry ground with walls of water on both sides of them? Of course! Just as easily as the Intelligences can obey God in the first place and present themselves to us as water, they can reorganize slightly and present themselves to us as wine. Just as easily as the Intelligences can follow the laws that God has given them to govern their existence, wherein they present themselves to us as water that acts normally, they can follow new instructions and present themselves to us as water that acts completely contrary to what is normal.

In a very real way, it is the same as a computer program that just keeps on doing what it was programmed to do until the programmer gives it some new instruction. Also, just like is the case with a computer-generated world, the possibilities are literally limitless. Thus, all things really are possible for God, but it is his love that makes it possible! If God had not gained the trust and absolute love and adoration of the Intelligences, he could speak all that he wanted to them and nothing would happen, for they would not obey him. But he does have their love and he can be trusted with absolution. The Intelligences know that he only commands those things of them that will bring about their good and happiness and so they obey and thereby reap the rewards of that good and happiness.

So then, having covered all of that, what is to be made of us? How do we fit into this picture with God and the Intelligences? This brings us back to the question I asked at the end of the previous letter, “Why do we get to be the children of God?” Well, just like God is God for a reason, we are the children of God for a reason… because we are intelligent enough. Intelligent enough for what? To do what a child is supposed to do… grow up and become like their parent.

Not every Intelligence has the capacity of intelligence and therefore the ability necessary to become like God. Thus, God elevates them to as high of a status as is possible where they thereafter exist in that state for eternity. But such is not the case with us. We do have the capacity of intelligence and thus the ability to rise to God’s status and become like him, and so that is exactly what he wants for each of us. However, the question is, “Will we choose to rise to that level when doing such requires a great deal more effort and refining than what is required for lower statuses?” If we are to rise to that status, it requires (without exception) that something very important be learned and developed first… faith.


How do we gain, develop and utilize faith?  Well, apparently, by means of the setting that we now find ourselves in - living here on this Earth, separated from God, having had the memory of our past (including him) taken from us, and given time, means, and opportunity to do so. 

Now, with that knowledge, let’s return to the question, “How can all of this help us?” In many ways really, but I wish to focus on one particular principle - that we are just as consciously connected to the Intelligences (matter) as God is, and the Intelligences respond to our thoughts, intentions and desires as well (albeit in lesser degrees " depending on the focus and strength of our faith).

God has placed us in a situation where we are not only to learn to have faith, but also to utilize that faith to accomplish things. Thus, he has commanded the Intelligences to work with us as needed to accomplish those things that we set our hearts on. They are instructed to follow the desires of our hearts and the intentions that we have until those desires and intentions are realized. Thus, “God grants unto the Children of Men according to their desires”. All things are possible to God, but with faith in God, all things are also possible to us and coming to realize and utilize this makes an incredible difference in the outcome of our lives.

The principle, “All things are possible through God” is not new at all. It is written in Scripture many times. However, we tend not to realize how literal it is and thus we often don’t utilize it. In fact, very few have ever actively pursued, developed and mastered the use of faith to accomplish things. However, those who have done so are those who have worked the miracles of this Earth and who have become the most accomplished people.

Why have some been able to work miracles? Because they believed they could and simply tried, holding to faith until the miracle they sought came about. How have some become masters at one thing or another? Because they believed they could and simply tried and didn’t give up until they reached the top. Are these things then self fulfilling accomplishments? Yes and no, for it takes both the person exhibiting faith and effort and the Intelligences responding to that faith and effort in order for the achievement to occur.

A miracle occurs only after the trial of the faith of the person who seeks to perform or experience the miracle, but it occurs by means of the Intelligences bending their normal course of behavior to follow the desires and intentions of the one exhibiting faith. Accomplishments are realized only after the 100% effort of the person exhibiting faith in themselves and their dreams, but they would not ever be accomplished were it not for the Intelligences reacting to that person’s faith and efforts whereby they transform not only the circumstances that surround the person, but also the very makeup of the person… molding them into what they want to become and forging the road before them that will lead them to where they desire to go.


Everything happens by faith and such is true no matter what, for the person who believes that they cannot work or experience a miracle then will not work or experience a miracle. The person who does not believe they can accomplish anything… sadly will not accomplish anything. If someone wants to accomplish evil or bad things and follows that faith, they will accomplish evil and bad things, but they will do so to their own ultimate detriment. However, this brings us back to God. Everything occurs as orchestrated by God, and most of the time he does not interfere with what we desire and accordingly accomplish (great or small, good or evil), only as needed to keep his ultimate plans in place and as needed to try to help us and guide us. However, in the end, we make the final choices by our faith and what we become or do not become, what we accomplish or do not accomplish is up to us.

And that is it. That is the extent of what I wanted to cover. I hope that if nothing else, my philosophies have made you think critically. Also, before closing I want to point out something that I find interesting. Those who have worked by faith in the past have done so without really knowing how it works, but understanding how it works is not required. Simple faith alone is sufficient to change the outcome of our circumstances. However, for whatever reason, God is now changing that and he is in essence, revealing his hand. He is revealing how faith works and how he uses it to accomplish his works. And how is he doing that? Through Science! Isn’t that funny? He is using modern Science to show how age-old Religion works, and as I have said before, both Science and Religion seem to be so caught up in their arguments against each other that they are missing the fact that God is slowly, step by step, forging the two sides into one as he gradually reveals himself from Heaven. And from what Scripture tells me, we are not too far from the point when he will “roll back the Heavens as a scroll” and step right out into the open.



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I enjoyed your thoughts. Hard to believe in a God when children are dying of hunger and sickness. Men of war run our world. Today Israel is talking of shooting a nuclear weapon into Iran. How many million will have to die for man to desire peace? I don't blame God or any religion for the turmoil of this planet. Berserkers of war and death are running our world. I'm Ojibwa/Mexican and I will not understand how you would kill a child. A Soldier is a child of a mother somewhere. Your thoughts open the door to many thoughts. Science and religion are two different topics. I pray we learn to be kind to each other and walk in peace before a huge graveyard will teach the human race to appreciate every life. Thank you for your thoughts.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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I've browsed through your work before. I think the following sums up your final message the best:

The Intelligences are 100% consciously connected and not only to each other and to God but to us as well (for we are also Intelligences), and they react to our thoughts, feelings and intentions.

What you write about is made possible because we are one collective energy. Why some of us are more in tune with this higher power than others has to be because of his or her's lack of perception.

Interesting collection of work. Like I said, I've browsed through it before. However; it was your recent friend request that compelled me to comment.

Posted 5 Years Ago

1. There is a God.
2. We are his children.
3. He wants us to learn how to develop and utilize faith to accomplish things in our lives.
Its a hard thing to comprehend but i am learning that God is not the problem. Humans are. We have free will and we have to have it or the idea of God being love is irrelevant. We choose. And because we choose, there is war, poverty, sickness etc. God is not a puppet master. People kill because they choose to do so in most cases. I do believe that God can and does avert disasters but a lot of our chaos is made by our own hands. Its very difficult some days and I am writing this on the cusp of the Boston Marathon bombings - but its all about free will. And yes, simple faith is enough. I'm glad you wrote that. I needed the reminder

Posted 6 Years Ago

Great work. Loved it.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Having read all the letters, I have followed your line of reasoning...this is the Truth, or something very close to it.
You've obviously put a lot of time and effort into this. I must say you have opened my eyes to great concepts...God bless you, fellow truth seeker. May He open the eyes of us all.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is extremely intelligent and takes me back to my similar epiphany. I have to agree with Matthew because no one will know. Not the smartest scientist or the most faithful of true believers. Not even the deepest of thinkers but I do think He shows us small fragments of the puzzle just to make sure that we never forget that He is there. Way out there beyond the universe and even more important. He is in our hearts if we open up and allow Him to work through us. This world is doomed because of our sin. We have to only admit that we are hopeless without Him. Because we are. There is so much darkness its getting so hard to see the light but its there. Thank you so much for posting these letters. I hope that you are lead in direction that God has planned for you. Because after reading this I know its gonna be big. Brilliant and inspiring work.

Posted 7 Years Ago

People that think too much, end up killing themselves. Whatever's out there is much bigger than anything our logic can decipher. And it is just human nature to prod for anwsers about ourselves. But in the end you never really know, and I think the key to life is being ok with not knowing.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Joshua, I have read all the letters. I agree that without faith we could not have accomplished what we have. I remember the Matrix comparison and what we do has already been "programmed" but faith is the anomaly to the programming and I believe it is that faith that allows us to break the sequence to perform miracles.

I have enjoyed reading your essay. Overall I thought it was well-written and very thought provoking. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to finishing your argument.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very thought provoking as intriguing. I do share some faith in a higher being as God and even acknowledgement of a Devil, either way, it remains hard to keep in touch to that side of me. :( But your thoughts are quite a scence that makes one stop and think of all the little things in life. Wonderful ink!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Hard to believe in God, but not a devil.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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