Letter 4: Let's Wrap It Up and Switch Gears

Letter 4: Let's Wrap It Up and Switch Gears

A Chapter by The Joshua Letters

I presented in previous letters that matter is not made of anything solid or tangible but is rather comprised of something that merely manifests itself as such. I am by far not the first one to present such. I have read many of the theories of others regarding this topic, and the more I learn, the stranger things get. Whatever the heck matter “is”, it is some intriguing stuff. Let’s proceed further into what is known.


Science has discovered that on the atomic scale, small particles (electrons, etc.) can behave as both a wave and a particle. This means that sometimes they act like marbles traveling through open space and sometimes they act like a wave traveling across the surface of water. This principle is known as duality and is complicated, so I encourage the reader to research it. The efforts that science has made to figure this puzzling characteristic out have yielded fascinating information, and this information is what I would like to focus on in this letter.


The Dual Slit Experiment that was conceived by Thomas Young in the early 19th century and expanded upon by Claus Johnson in the 20th Century was the first, and to this day the best, experiment related to the topic. It yielded information about matter that is an important piece of the puzzle, yet very strange. Again, to keep this letter short, I will not delve into the ins and outs of the experiment, so I encourage the reader to research it.


From this and subsequent experiments, the discovery was made that atomic-sized particles behave as waves (acting as if they are in an infinite number of positions at the same time). However, an observer made a conscious attempt to pin the particles down and determine exactly where they are (in the case of this experiment, the observer was determining which slit the particle passes through), at which point the particles stop acting like waves and act like particles, being right where the observer expected them to be. Thus, it appears that the dual nature that atomic particles exhibit can be toggled from one state of existence to the other by the mere act of observation (known as Collapsing the Wave Function). Efforts to understand and explain this discovery have led to many different theories, none of which have been proven.


The Dual Slit Experiment led to other experiments being conceived and conducted to further explore how human consciousness affects the behavior of matter. Some examples are Dr. Masaru Emoto’s ‘Message From Water Experiment’ and various other random event experiments such as the flipping of coins that later evolved into the GCP (Global Consciousness Project) being conducted by Princeton University. All such experiments have at least to some degree resulted in data that supports the theory, that humans have the ability to influence matter and the outcome of events by means of consciousness.


So let’s review again the topic of matter. If you zoom in on the atomic world, you find nothing tangible but rather vacuum space that appears to the human senses to be solid. If you peer into outer space and consider black holes, you find that independent of how much matter you start with, it can be collapsed all the same into a single point in space without any size. If you consider how matter behaves, you find that it can act like a wave (being in in an infinite number of positions) but, if you observe it, it stops doing that and collapses into a single position that is custom fit for you to observe.


What are we to make of all of this? We are standing at the door of comprehension, but with our mouths open, afraid to go in. No shortage of opinion or philosophy exists to make heads or tails of it all, and as I have spent time sifting through theories, I have found many, especially on the side of science, have come so close. It is as if they arrived at the trailhead of the path of truth, but instead of proceeding, they stopped and turned away or sat down, not willing to move forward. Why is this? Well, I can only conclude that they cling to prejudices and preconceived notions so tightly that they are unable to do otherwise. They view everything through the prism of their side the argument. What argument? Why of course the existence of God, the topic that everything always has and always will hinge on, and the concept of which makes this whole puzzle even more interesting.


I will dive into that in my next letter.


Until then,



© 2020 The Joshua Letters

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WOW!! This is very interesting. Can't wait to read more. I'm here for the poems really, but this really has me fascinated. Honestly, I really have no idea why. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Kind of random but I love the pictures you put up with these letters, they always catch my eye in my read request queue. I enjoy space pictures, they’re so beautiful and also they very much set the mood for your discussions.


“have lead to many” led. Same here: “The Dual Slit Experiment lead to other”

Posted 9 Years Ago

Another continuation of mind boggling theories.

Posted 11 Years Ago

very intriguing and informative if not a little rambling.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Thank you for the link to that short video, not sure if others watched it but I did watch it. It helped, and was interesting (i'm using that word for you a lot). Lol. I feel like i'm back in school in science class... wow. Where were you when I had science? Lolz. I get so confused easily with science, because there is so much to it, though the way you explain things, and tell about them keeps me confused in a way yet helps. And it is fascinating where you are taking it all in your letters.

" Thus, it appears that the dual nature that atomic particles exhibit can be toggled from one state of existence to the other by the mere act of observation (known as Collapsing the Wave Function)."
This is very very... interesting. Okay I can't help but use that word, but this is interesting because, i don't think I knew about this. And also because the way the observation worked, like in the video when their was a observer.

This reminds me of something my grandma told me when I was younger and was cooking with her once, something like; a watching pot never boils.

I think you meant as... instead of has:
"that we has humans do have the ability to effect the outcome of events by means of our own consciousness. "

Posted 12 Years Ago

Again, an interesting write. A few details - Schrodinger's cat was not really an experiment. It was more of a thought exercise useful for conceptualizing quantum mechanics...

But your wave vs. particle analogy...In a way, it serves to reinforce the dubious possibility that there truly is an objective reality.

Light is light. It always behaves the same way, pretty much. When we say that light "behaves" as a particle, this only means that we utilize a summation to describe observable phenomena, instead of the classical integral. We have imposed a language, a structure, to describe observable behaviors. If the physicist is very careful and consistent, this structure can enable her to extrapolate and predict based on the quantum framework.

All we have done with wave vs. particle is massage our perceptual framework, really. We haven't actually established reality...

Well-written and thoughtful, as always - Thanks for posting it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

interesting read.

Posted 12 Years Ago

its great i like this its kinda like a jurnal

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Posted 12 Years Ago

I usually don't read stories, BUT this intrigued me.
I loved how you eneded this as well...Until Then..

Posted 12 Years Ago

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