Answers to Questions

Answers to Questions

A Chapter by The Joshua Letters

Just Random Girl:


Your questioning of whether all matter is really Intelligence, that has the ability to think, reason and act for itself, is the common reaction. It is my reaction too. No matter how many times I think about it, I find myself asking, “Really?” I find myself looking at the nearest inanimate object and asking, “Is this rock really Intelligence?” Well, if you interpret the data using only your five senses, which is what we tend to do, then the concept does seem absurd. However, this is why I spent so much time in these letters discussing what matter is comprised of.


The rock that you are considering is not actually there and neither are you. At least not in the physical/tangible way you think. Consider again what we know of matter based upon black holes. Black holes tell us that matter can be collapsed and condensed into a form that has incredible density. We know that the rock can be reduced at least 2 trillion times in size before it even has a chance of forming anything solid, and your body can be reduced at least 5 trillion times. However, evidence points to the fact that the density of a black holes is infinite, and thus, not even condensing things a few trillion times will yield anything solid. Infinite density means that matter can be reduced in size infinitely. How is that possible? Because matter is not what we think it is. It is not a solid/tangible substance but instead, it is something that is being presented to us, to our minds, to our Intelligence as such, and what I am saying is that it is being presented to us by other Intelligences that are acting in obedience to God (He having organized them so as to provide us with the experience of a tangible/physical existence).


You also asked about Satan. Well, there are many questions that stem from the things that I am discussing, but answering such is not my intention at this time. These letters are intended to shed light upon the questions at hand, and I feel to leave it at that. I will write future letters that will address this and other of life’s great questions.


For now, I will say that if there is a God, and I believe there is, then scripture is a reliable form of truth and all forms of scripture declare that Satan is as real as God.


Heromen Selena:


I hope the above information addresses your concern regarding matter being Intelligence. However, your question about life and death brings a different angle to it. If something is dead (a person, plant, animal, insect etc.), what does that mean? Well, you first must consider what made it alive in the first place. How are you alive in the form that you are? The answer, to the best of the world’s knowledge is, we don’t know. The forms of life that enjoy a physical existence here on earth have nothing to do with the existence of their physical form. To my knowledge, no one has ever made their own body and thereafter climbed into it. The making of life forms is God’s responsibility, but how does He do it? Again, we don’t know. The “machines” are entirely too complex. We do know that God uses matter to make all forms of life, but what is life?


God doesn’t make things appear magically. Not even He can make something from nothing. Instead, He creates things by organizing what already exists into better and higher forms, and Intelligence is all that there is to create with. Thus, He gathers those Intelligences to Him and says, “Trust me, I can show you how to improve your situation.”


Upon hearing this offer, do all the Intelligences instantly listen to him and start doing whatever He asks them to do? No, I am sure they do not. However, God is all-knowing, God is patient, and most importantly, God is good. Thus, I suppose that if you were to go back in time to the beginning of God’s creation efforts (to a time prior to what we observe as the Big Bang), He likely made his initial offer to help all the other Intelligences, but then began working with whichever ones placed their trust in him. Then, he began organizing the Intelligences that trusted Him into forms of light and life, creating and lifting and improving and beautifying their experience, and as this happened, the beginnings of the universe appeared as it were out of nowhere. Meanwhile, the other Intelligences had little to do but observe from darkness what he was doing. In time, more and more of them came to realize that He could indeed be trusted, and eventually they turned their trust over to Him and began doing what he asked of them. Thus, as time went on, more and more desired His assistance, and He continued to help and lift them as He organized them in like manner and thereby expanded the universe. This process then continued until today, with ourselves now being amongst the Intelligences that have the opportunity to experience physical Earth life.


Now, that all may seem like a big tangent, but such is needed to understand life and death. What is the difference between life and death? Is it not merely perspective and/or the manner in which we experience our existence and any given point in time?


This is where the entire picture comes together if you will allow yourself to consider it. We are Intelligences, and thus we are intellectual beings. Intelligence is what exists in the universe and there is nothing else. Everything else is merely a manifestation of it.


For a long time, science held out two great laws: The Law of Conservation of Mass and The Law of Conservation of Energy, which were believed to be two separate laws. Then, along came Einstein, who showed that mass and energy are the same thing, and that the two laws are actually the same law. However, what I am presenting here is that he and science are yet missing the mark, because they won’t (for whatever reason) continue following that truth to where it ultimately goes: to their own selves.


Scientists gets stuck because they want to look at everything in the universe except themselves, and at the end of the day, they are what they are looking for. They are the missing link in their own equations, for they are Intelligences, and Intelligence is all that there is. The universe is made of matter, but matter is made of light and conscious energy, and these things are but manifestations of intelligence, which is the true building block of all things.


So, let’s get to into how it all works. It is interesting that I am taking this topic on when I am, because before the movie, I would not have had such a perfect example. What am I talking about is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. They hit directly on the key principle in this movie. After Harry allows himself to be killed by Lord Voldemort, he finds himself in a peaceful, white light setting where he is greeted by Albus Dumbledore (who died in the previous movie). At the end of the conversation, Harry asks Albus, “Is this all real, or is it just happening inside my head?” Albus responds, “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry. Why should that mean that it’s not real?”


This is how all experience occurs for intelligent beings in whatever state they may be, life or death. How else can an Intelligence experience something other than intellectually? We exist in the state we do today by the directive of God, who is the most intelligent of all the Intelligences, and by the assistance of many other Intelligences who are working together in obedience to His commandments to provide the setting and circumstances wherein we have data presented to us in a highly detailed, orderly, and organized manner. The result is the world around us.


Every time that try to explain it, I struggle for a way, and all I can come up with is the Matirx Theory. However, it is not God programming a computer in which He then plugs us into. Instead, it is God working with other Intelligences, giving them laws and boundaries wherein they are to function. In other words, it acts just like a computer program (once programmed, it can operate in a self-sufficient way), but it is not a computer program. It acts like a hologram, but it is not; it is far more detailed and in depth. It is also (and this is the most important principle) whatever God wants it to be as far as what we have access to experiencing. God gave us five senses wherewith to experience things with, but these of course only give us access to the information that He wants us to have access to. We will find in time that these five senses are quite limited, but it is for a good reason.


Anyway, I guess I could go on and on. Turning back to your question about life and death. What is the difference between them? Merely perspective.




You certainly have hit the founding principle: love.


We are now at the point of concluding these letters, and where else could they have led but to love.


I will wrap things up in the next letter. 


Until then,



© 2020 The Joshua Letters

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This was nice and thought provoking, and I like reading stuff that stimulates my mind. I know it’s not meant to be funny but for some reason the comment about neither existing made me laugh, it was a funny follow up to the questions before it. This was a very interesting view of religion and the creation theory; it’s similar and yet unique to the many times dead-horse-beaten concept. There are though, several scientific criteria for what is ‘alive’ and what isn’t. This would be to include: having cells, having cellular organization, using energy, responding to their environment, growing, reproducing, and adaptation.

The use of the words ‘intelligence’ and ‘intelligences’ got a little muddled after a while and left me kind of confused. It might just need to be tightened up a little and clarified upon. Such as matter is light and light is intelligence? What is the specific definition of intelligence being used here? Light is particles and it just keeps going deeper. Also, I was intrigued by the talk of things being ‘real or not’ when perceived simply by the mind. That that same principle suggest that things such as hallucinogenic drug trips are real? Are they a higher state of perception allowed by god only when you use that particular substance? Is that his way of sending special messages?

Content Suggestions:

“the nearestinanimate object and” needs a space.

“operate in a self sufficient way” self-sufficient.

“I guess I cold go on” could

Posted 9 Years Ago

Another interesting chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Simply Brilliant :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

I enjoyed your thoughts. I would enjoy a long conversation on this topic. You went in many directions and your point have strength and balance. I enjoy people who look at life and logic and try to make sense. Thank you for the letters.

Posted 12 Years Ago

the delight and the horror of being self aware. This brings up so many wonderful points to consider. I just read for pleasure as an insight and not as an opportunity to disagree.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Unless I've understood wrong, what you've been saying about what matter is comprised of, is basically what science shows as a truth but is really a theory. We can't be 100% sure that atoms are what science says they are or that they are composed by what science say they are composed of. The same thing happens with black holes. Your argument is good, but it still has bases on scientific theories, which makes it hard to believe for me.
Despite that, I still find it believable in a way. It's just rather hard for me to grasp the concept. What is an intelligence really?
Maybe I'll understand better in the next letter.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I'm not entirely Christan and I don't believe in something I can not see. That said, I think that is the reason why I believe that this isn't true. It's all very wishy-washy to me. You are a very smart guy/boy, I don't really know how old you are, and I think you should be a philosopher one day. Very well thought out.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Irregardless of all else, illusion aside, it is our belief in ourselves and in others that have love in their hearts that can sustain us. If there were one single mantra, one tiny idea that could, in mindful practice, guide all that we do, all that we say, all that deep in our souls could be the anchor that holds us fast it is this: "If my hands were the hands of God, what would I do with them. If my voice were his also, how would I choose my words?" - Can't wait for the next chapter.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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