Fast Times @ RHS

Fast Times @ RHS

A Screenplay by Manda A.

An adapdation prose piece inspired by the characters of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.


      Mr. Hand is a bummer, man. His plan is to make you understand his disciplinary structure 'till you've gone completely mad. At fifteen, J.J. Leigh did things I'd only dreamed of 'till age eighteen. "A quart?" she says, seems like an exaggeration, put out there on the lunchroom table for all to see. A fallacy? (Just keep practicing.)

      Ratt thinks he's in love with her. You begin to wonder if he'll ever stop living life in Slick Rick Romanus' shadow. Smooth and cool, he gives good advice that I've learned (but sometimes forget) to utilize in my own interactions. His 5-point-plan never fails, people have died for this information, but he'll give it to you for free. Discover, review, rewind and repeat. But don't cheat, in essence you won't seem as suave. Later in the story he did that really uncool move where he left her standing outside her house short a ride and the previously established 75 bucks in a sudden loss of swagger.










She snuck out the bedroom window, J.J. Leigh, as the background score plays, "She's Got to Be Somebody's Baby". My stomach turns. The Point, it is...

     He wastes no time, she lies about her age. "Surf Nazis" scrawled on the wooden wall above her.

     Brother Judge resembles Jason Seigel from a popular short-lived show based in the exact same era but made in an entirely different year in the future. Is that a coincidence? I look at all these kids with their after-school jobs at the mall food courts and wonder A) What was the legal working-age  limit back then and B) Why are there so many limitations nowadays? I am secretly glad I've never had to come home smelling like "beef n' sweat". Yet, I wonder what would have happened had I given into my pride, Also, if that indeed is where I'm headed next if I keep being tardy.

     Spicoli, with his shirt open, Sean Penn with my same birthdate minus the year. His only humorous role. Too late to go back?

     The piano-keyboard-scarf would really make an accessory. The shyness routine is really starting to aggravate me as well. I think he should have left the jacked on and aced that awful bowtie. Doesn't look good on anybody, but J.J. Leigh still digs it. 100% Guaranteed Breakfast.






© 2011 Manda A.

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Added on February 21, 2011
Last Updated on February 21, 2011
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