Jimmy was a Good Man

Jimmy was a Good Man

A Story by The Little Writer

Nonsense about a nonexsistent man named Jimmy.


Jimmy was a good man. 

He was true and just and never mean to anybody.

Jimmy didn't like it when people got hurt.

He tended to hurt people when others got hurt.

Funny, isn't it?

One day Jimmy was walking down the street when he saw his good friend, James being mugged.

Jimmy owned all of the people mugging James.

When he realized that he had hurt the mugging guys, he was stunned!

"I just hurt these people!"  He said.

James Replied "You do that all the time to save others."

So Jimmy resolved to solve theses matters diplomaticaly till the end of his days.

At the end of his days he went to heaven.

When Jimmy saw where he was and that he was a kid again (for some reason,) He rejoiced.

Than God invited him to join his choir and they sang till the end of there heavenly days.

At the end of there heavenly days they didn't exist.


The End


© 2009 The Little Writer

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I sense you identifying with Jimmy...and James. In fact, they say that in dreams (and perhaps poems) in some ways we are represented by all the characters we create. Interesting. And you thought you were just writing nonsense. You are very clever and creative. I always love to see what you will come up with Little Writer.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 5, 2009


The Little Writer
The Little Writer

Don-Mage, WA

I am 12 years old. I am now rewriting my abandoned book, "The Dwen Alliance" I started out my writing life when my mother signed me up for a writing class at my co-op school. My "career" really k.. more..