A Poem by Andrea Greene

and just as suddenly the suddenness is eased.

The world was crazy
The world still is crazy
People are ignorant and hateful
And loud and they act foolish
And say things they don't mean and things they mean a lot
And mean things with mean intentions
And people stop caring about the suffering in the world
They turn a blind eye and there's so much
Corruption and discrimination and stupidity
But there's you.
There's still you.
And I'll tell you the truth about this morning-
I saw the fire trucks and the cruisers and didn't have any context
For 45 minutes, leaving me to spin horrible hypotheticals
Were we going to be school shooting number 23? 
It's not like it's impossible.
And I was frightened
My mind went to you and I kept just drowning
Granted, you were fine,
But I couldn't know 
And it's stupid but I was scared. 
But you're alright.
In the midst of all this madness, we make sense.
Perhaps it's the one thing that does.
The world, and here is a barrage of cliches,
The world is so dark and you, dear heart,
You bring light to the world always.
Lights are being extinguished in this terrible metaphorical sense
We're blinded and lost in the lack of guidance, the overwhelming despair of it all
And you're so bright and brilliant and stunning and you continue to make sense
Even when we burden each other and come out of it no less unburdened
If I can ever offer you what you have given me
If I can even try
Let me know, darling. Just let me know.

© 2018 Andrea Greene

Author's Note

Andrea Greene
this is Very Raw and so completely disastrous gah

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Added on May 31, 2018
Last Updated on May 31, 2018
Tags: hope, love, joy, relief, sighs of relief, I'm so tired, and soothed


Andrea Greene
Andrea Greene


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