Temporary Significance

Temporary Significance

A Poem by Andrea Greene

here, have some words based off of my brand new burning hatred for anything from Shrek and the fact that I've been step-touching all day

As artists, we seek fleeting things

A moment of pure, burning light, hot on your skin,
A song on your lips 
And you're just moving
Not thinking, barely knowing
Just going, and going, and going
Something bright and transformed you've never been
And maybe never will be again
Fleeting moments

So, what'll it matter, in the long run?
Hours and hours every day 
Stepping over your own feet, never getting those notes quite right
Doing the right step at the wrong time, getting stuck in your mistakes and 
Barely slogging forward
The glistening foreheads and soaked shirts and sore legs 
Living becomes just existing
Your body's going even though you're practically asleep

All for one instance of joy?


For that one perfect step,
For that incredible harmony,
For that breathless final pose where you're smiling so wide it hurts
Not because you have to
But because you can't do anything else
You want to
You want to so very much
And you do

You almost close your eyes
Feel the floor shaking and the applause thunder through your body
Breathe in
Breathe out
Come back to reality

And then never remember it again.

It's that momentary joy,
So pure and untouchable,
That you chase and chase and chase
Even though sometimes you go slowly
When you know you've got that joy

You just
You just live

© 2018 Andrea Greene

Author's Note

Andrea Greene
this is super choppy, sorry barleygirl if you read this because I know you're not a huge fan of choppy, but when you're an incoherent, tired, lonely mess then that's just how you roll, gosh diddly darn it.

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I didn't find your voice "choppy" ...nor stuttering. Life happens in moments which with a bit of luck - good AND bad - get strung together into dreams AND nightmares within which we exist from breath-to-breath.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on June 28, 2018
Last Updated on June 28, 2018
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Andrea Greene
Andrea Greene


Love is blind. I still fall for it every time, though, so it's certainly got sosething over me. more..