Another Rainy Day.

Another Rainy Day.

A Story by I'llXloveXherXforever

A story I wrote for my girl friend a little while after our first few dates.


Once upon a time, like any love story there were two people, a girl and a boy. Here is our story begins….

Once there was a young man named Dean. Dean was a complicated man, never fit in with anyone, never really had a true friend, never had much of a reason for existing. He spent all his time at local food pantries trying to help out and to help give other people help with their reason for existing.

The closest Dean had ever came close to happiness was this one time back in his 6th grade class. He met this girl name Sally. She was beautiful. The perfect girl. Multi colored hair made of the best combinations, lil bit of orange but she argues red! A lil bit brunet and a lot of incredible. Her eyes were bluer then the cleanest part of the bluest ocean.

I guess that’s where this story begins. Yuh see Dean had asked Sally out and the amazing part she said yes! They went out for 18 days, the only problem was Dean was an overly shy guy. And why shouldn’t he be? Every person in his grade had put him down, called him ugly, mostly stupid, kids could be vicious. Dean had been picked on so many times he started to listen to the insults of the kids. He even thought of ending it all. But suicides only a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Any ways so threw those 18 days Dean and Sally only had a few conversations. But Dean wasn’t man enough too start one of the conversations. And I’m sure if he were alive today he’d change all that.

Sally had to end it with Dean. Dean was in a shell and the way things were heading it never looked like he’d ever get out of it. Dean didn’t blame Sally for what she did, he wasn’t mad he understood why she did it. He wanted what ever made her happy. So since then they talked less and less till eventually not at all, but the thought of Sally never left his mind, the vision of her walking toward him was seared into his mind. He always wished and prayed for another chance, but 8th grade came and no such luck so far.

Sally was an incredible girl. Perfect height, perfect smile, perfect pretty much everything. She’d never admit it but she’s beautiful she just chooses not to see it. She was very hard on herself.  She wants to force herself into being the most perfect girl but what she doesn’t realize is she already is.

A few more years when buy and Sally and Dean were finally talking again. Coincidentally they were both in a dark place in their life. The great part of it is they were in it together to have each other’s back. They helped each other in every sitchuation they became amazing friends.

They saw this one lovey dovey movie they saw. One part of the movie where the main character kissed the main girl. Right then Dean looked at Sally and thought she’s the only girl he wants to be kissing for the rest of his life.

As time went by Sally and Dean became closer and closer friends till this one time in Deans basement they were playing darts and Sally almost killed Dean on accident with a haywire dart. They both thought it was hilarious and Sally was checking Deans neck to make sure he was okay. Right when she touched it he looked at her and thought maybe this was the time to kiss her but he didn’t want to ruin any thing.

                  In order to be a gentlemen Dean gave it another week. He gave it another week before asking her a question that took him since 6th grade to gain the courage to ask. He asked if she would let him kiss her. To his surprise again she said yes!

They both acted like that question was never asked the next day.. Dean wanted to bring it up it was all he could think of.. Then he gave her a paper crane that she taught him to make and as she looked at it with those gorges blue eyes that Dean had thought about every day since 6th grade and he kissed her and she kissed back and they kept kissing until they realized what they were doing and Dean said open the crane, it said would you go out with me and the third most amazing thing in Deans life was she said yes!

            Now Dean would have to work up enough courage to ask Sally to a first date. He picked her up at eight, and found an empty spot on a hill and they sat there for hours and watched the stars.. until it turned to rain.. then Sally cuddle close to Dean.. and they kissed for hours.

            From then on out things were looking up for both Sally and Dean.

            A few months went by and Dean was having family problems. He asked if he could stop by to see Sally because a gentlemen always asks first, he had another crane waiting for her. This crane was similar to the last one but different in its own way. It too had a note in it. Asking her to be his forever. He just wanted to drop off the crane before he started bawling his eyes out right on her door step because of all his family problems. He gave her it and was on his way out then it started raining and that destracted him from his tears and he turned around and Sally was there she jumped in his arms and for the first real time Sally whispered to Dean she loved him.. Dean asked what because he couldn’t belive how perfect the moment was.. to this day if he were still with us I’m sure he still wouldn’t be able to believe it.

Another few months went by. Sally and Dean had planned a very special night. They went back to the place on the hill where they saw the stars. Only this time instead of a blanket to live in Dean parked his truck right on the grass.

The night looked just like the night of the first date. The stars were bright and shinning. Then like the first date they started to hug and kiss and. . . . they started to make love and the very second they started to make love it started to down poor in the most romantic way possible.

At the end of the night Dean was dropping Sally off he walked her to his door and said “ I love you. “ kissed her good night and was on his way home. A smile on his face that I’m sure if he survived the night it would have never left. That’s right. . . Dean died that night. . . he was on his way home his world finally at peace no more bad drama no more bad news then all of a sudden. . . BAM! A drunken 18 wheeler driving towards Dean had crushed him. . . That’s how that night ended. . .

Two days later at Deans funeral Deans parents went up to Sally and gave her a note that said “Dear Sally,

            Thank you for all your kindness and lovingness. Thank you for always being there for me I love you so much and I promise I will always be with you Sally.

                                   Love Dean.”

Sally burst into tears and screamed out “I guess he was wrong.” She left the funeral because it was much too painful to be around the body.

            A month later.

Sally was sitting in class taking a test and it was dead silent. Then all of a sudden Sally’s IPod bursts to the Jessey McCartney song tell her, that was Sally and Deans song. Sally quickly went to shut it off but it wouldn’t till the song was over. That got Sally an hour of detention.

As she was walking home after detention it started to down poor and that reminded her of Dean. She wanted to try taking a new rout home down a dark alley way when a big man had started running toward her. . . he grabbed her and threw her against a wall about to have his way with her when all of a sudden a wet hand grabs his fist and throws it right back at that fat b*****d.

Sally couldn’t see who but she saw the shape of some one fighting off the fat man. He showed no mercy till the fat man disappeared into the rain along with the hero.

Sally ran home right after. Locked the door and just sat at the window and watched the rain. Then she saw that figure outside of her window in the rain. She ran out to thank him but he was already gone.

Another week past.

Sally was walking home in the rain again, walking past the druggie group. They grabbed her and tried making her get high and shoot heroin. But then all of a sudden that figure popped out of the rain again and the drugs and the druggies were gone just like the fat man. Sally screamed “you can’t keep doing this to me! Show me who you are!” she started to quickly walk home, when she felt a hand grab hers she looked and it was Dean he said “ I wasn’t wrong I’ll always be with you Sally. Where ever there is rain you can believe I’ll be there, I will never let anyone hurt you.

But that’s not what Sally wanted. She wanted to be with him no matter what. She ran from him trying to get like him she ran in traffic and he made a puddle she stepped in an she went into it and popped out on the side walk. She jumped off a bridge into the water and popped back on the edge.

“I won’t let you do it Sally. You have too much to live for” Dean said.

Sally agreed and invited him back to her house till the rain stopped because sadly Dean could only be there in the rain. Sally said “please just hold me in your arms one last time.” So Dean did. Then Dean fell asleep and she snuck out. . Dean was searching for her from the clouds but realized she must have gone to some place it didn’t rain because that’s the only place he couldn’t go. .

Dean had no choice but to go back to her house and wait. . She came back and said she couldn’t do it. Dean said thank you so much Sally interrupted “I still want to go to the world you have live in.” Dean poofed out outside of her window and tried escaping because he wouldn’t do that to Sally but right when he when threw the hole to his world Sally jumped on his back. . .

No one knows what’s happened to them for sure. . . there’s a legend that says every time there’s a rainstorm at its fiercest that’s them making love for ever in that world. Sadly we may never know. 

© 2012 I'llXloveXherXforever

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Awwww, that is adorable! There were grammatical errors that made it a bit difficult to understand at times, but otherwise it was so good! The entire plot is nice. When Dean died I wanted to cry. Perhaps after some editing it will be that much better, but I enjoy it now :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I've Been looking for a way to get out emotions other then writing in my journal because even if I wright in it its still not really letting it out. more..